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Monday, August 9, 2010

An early look at the 2010-11 Aeros

This list is not intended to be taken as gospel. As we all know, injuries happen, players decide to go play in Russia and Wild players get concussions like Houstonians eat burritos. In fact, the signing of (Boom!) John Madden last week by the Wild makes it just about certain at this point that Casey Wellman will start the year in Houston. And that, again barring the unforeseen, is a good thing.

I think most of the following players will be here on opening night, and a few others (like Brandon Buck and J.P. Testwuide) could spend most of the season in Houston. So please read and peruse with a grain of salt, sand or those crumbs in your sofa. You know THOSE are good for you.

Goaltenders (2):
Anton Khudobin and Matt Hackett

Defensemen (7):
Marco Scandella, Justin Falk, Tyler Cuma, Drew Bagnall, Jamie Fraser, J.P. Testwuide and Max Noreau

Forwards (14):
Casey Wellman, Cody Almond, Colton Gillies, Warren Peters, Chad Rau, Joel Broda, Petr Kalus, Jon DiSalvatore, Carson McMillan, JM Daoust, Robbie Earl, Matt Kassian, Jarod Palmer and Brandon Buck.

Random notes:
As you can see, there are a ton of guys that have played on the Aeros before. If I did my math correctly, 16 of the 23 players above either spent all of last year with the Aeros or most of their year with the Aeros and some time with the Wild ... 15 of the players are Canadian, and six are American. Anton and Kalus are the only guys that don't hail from North America ... the top four scorers from last years team -- Daoust, Rau, DiSalvatore and Noreau -- are all returning ... With the likely and permanent departure of Danny Irmen, Max Noreau, Petr Kalus and Anton Khudobin (all here since 2007) are now the longest tenured Houston Aeros.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a good line up? Calder Cup worthy?

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

Way too eary to start talking about Calder Cups. Still a few more roster tweaks for sure, and there is no telling if this even puts the Aeros in the West's Top 4.

If last year's Aeros could have figured out a way to be a modestly better first-period team, they would have been in the playoff conversation down the stretch.

Forecheck said...


Really too few changes over last year for this team to be a powerhouse. Offense will still be a problem.

Maybe we sneak into the playoffs in the last week.

AiH said...

My guess is the signing of John Madden is more about James Sheppard playing in Houston or with another organization this season rather than an indication Wellman will be playing in Houston.

Andrew J. Ferraro said...


That is a good guess, and it's as good as any at this point. I think the Madden signing (and the hints that Bouchard will be ready to go after training camp) means that Sheppard is out and Wellman will at least start the year in Houston ... I can't really see why any team would claim Sheppard when he is assigned to the minors, but lots of teams like to take flyers on young kids.

As for my assessment of Wellman, I think he will be in Houston based on this quote from the GM (Mike Russo ran this in his blog a few days ago):

TRIBUNE - "Are you OK Wellman being the 13th or 14th forward if you’re healthy, or would you rather him be in Houston?"

FLETCHER - “I really haven’t set any conditions as to any of that right now. Ideally, you’d prefer to have young players be important parts of an American League team than a bit part of an NHL team, assuming they don’t have to clear waivers (Russo note: Wellman doesn’t, Sheppard does). But we’ll have to see the makeup of our roster at the end of camp and how we look as we get on the plane to Finland. We’ll have to build a team and put some lines together and see what makes sense. But everything’s open. Everything’s on the table. We didn’t have a good enough season to set any conditions at this point as to roles or positions available.”