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Friday, August 6, 2010

The Countdown Begins

Hockey season is getting closer. You can always tell when things are about to heat up when the AHL releases their story on how the AHL schedule is put together.

I hope they know I am kidding around when I write this, but they always forget to add a graph or two about why it comes out later and later every year.

Right now, the NBA schedule is finished and will be released, it its entirety, next week. Then the AHL teams will get their copies and will review and submit dates they would like to change. After that, the AHL tries to accommodate as many of those changes as they can. Then they get the team to sign off ... and finally, the schedule is sent to the league's board of governors.

At that point, it is released to the masses.

Today is August 6, and the earliest fans will get a glimpse of the schedule is Friday, Aug. 20. If I had any money to wager, I would say it's released on Tuesday, Aug. 24.


Heather, John and I met Thursday night to talk about some things related to the Web site. We agreed not to change much, at least from a visual stand point, but what we will try to do is make the blog "less busy" (especially when it comes to the info in the right hand column.)

Leading up to the season last year, we had a photo contest, but as we all know, there are no photos from last year. So this year, we are going to have a "getting to know the team" countdown.

One of the things we talked about last night was the fact that going into the season last year, we did not know a whole lot about the guys as individuals. This year, we have a list of who we think will be on the Aeros opening night roster, and we will preview what we think those players will bring to the table.

We have 22 guys already slated for Houston, and last night, we had a draft to see who would cover whom. Heather, naturally, picked the goalies, and after about five minutes, we had our "teams."

This weekend, we are going to start with defenseman Drew Bagnall and we are going to update the blog every few days with a new player.


What we didn't talk about at the meeting is what we can do better. We just ran out of time because the steak and potato were just too big, and John, being the polite one, did not want to talk with his mouth full.

So, having said that, what can we do better? ... or what can we do that we are currently not doing to keep you coming back to our blog.


artandhockey said...

Stories about the human elements?
What is done ON ice most fans can see and understand-even if not all agree with the 'system' used.

It will be not too long, but those weeks will drag a bit!

Forecheck said...

Andrew -

How about a listing of the 22? after all, it's a slow hockey month. You can do a position a week.

Word verification "maruckm".... not a bad name for a D-man...

Anonymous said...

wassup wi Irmen?

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

Thanks for the comments. I am working on Drew Bagnall right now, and I will go ahead and give the list of who I think will be on the Aeros on opening night.

As for Irmen, he remains unsigned and is not likely returning for a sixth season in the Wild organization.

Will miss him, though. Always gave me the business for being a Packers fan. Well, until Favre threw that final interception last year.