Houston Aeros 1994-2013: Thank you for all the great memories and two decades of great hockey and entertainment.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Aeros Are Dead. Long Live the Aeros!

It's all over. There is no more.

The Aeros lost 7-0 to Grand Rapids tonight ending the team's Calder Cup hopes. And with that loss, the team's time in Houston is no more.

Don't tune us out immediately, folks. We have a few things planned for the next week or so, a few thoughts on our favorite players, our favorite moments, etc. So hopefully you'll come back from time to time, read our final thoughts, and leave a few of your own.

But with that said, I want to kind of end on this note. Everybody who reads should know that I'm a fan of The Beatles. The last album The Beatles ever recorded was "Abbey Road" -- "Let It Be" would come out afterwards, but the songs were recorded and mostly in the can before the guys went back to the studio for "Abbey Road."

"Abbey Road" ends on a flourish, the last side a series of melodies blending into one another in a mad rush of inspired musicianship. The last melody consists of "Golden Slumbers," "Carry That Weight," and "The End," then nothing and a final piece of Paul McCartney whimsy, "Her Majesty."

It's the final lyrics from "The End" that I want to give you, picking up after Ringo Starr's only drum solo on a Beatles record, then a series of guitar solos by John Lennon, George Harrison, and McCartney. As the solos end, McCartney sings:

"And in the end
The love you take
Is equal to the love
You make."

I've loved my time writing about the Aeros here. I can only hope you shared part of my joy.

And don't forget, please check back for our closing posts.


Tiki Owl said...

Definitely a sad time indeed, though not quite as sad for me as when the WHA Aeros were jettisoned by Kenneth Schnitzer because he didn't believe there would be a merger (which happened the next year). Schnitzer and Alexander are brothers in arms in regard to hockey in Houston as far as I am concerned.

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't think this has hit me yet. Maybe in the fall, when I would normally be taking my seat for the Aeros opening night, when the AHL season starts without us, will it hit me. Like many on this blog, I will hit the road next season to see my AHL hockey, in San Antonio and Cedar Park, but it won't be the same. I guess we will all be Texas hockey nomads for the next few years, until a hangar door opens some day, and the new Aeros take flight.

Aeros forever.

Anonymous said...

So sad and disappointing to see the Aeros go after supporting them for all these years.

But this end was inevitable when they were bought by that incompetant gang of imbeciles in Minnesota.

Go Minnesota...to hell.... and take Les The Loser with you.

Oldfan said...

I'm so sad to sit here tonight and realize there is no tomorrow for the Aeros...mostly thanks to one little greedy, hateful man. I wish each of the boys and the coaches the best. We'll be looking for you in the NHL one of these days.

Thanks to Heather, John, Andrew...and Mr. Fred from days gone by, as well as Chris Jerina for contributions over the years. I'll definitely be checking back to reminisce until the blog is closed for good.

My heart hurts.

Stephen Meserve said...

I'm sorry, guys. I was really looking forward to a potential last hurrah against the Aeros in Cedar Park.

Rest assured I'll greet anyone with an Aeros jersey with open arms at the Cedar Park Center next season.

Anonymous said...

I would also like to remember the late Scott Kaiser who covered the Aeros for the Chronicle in the early years.

Anonymous said...

It's really sad that the chronicle has not even mentioned them no way no how. Les Alexander should be ashamed. The last mission is over, the bomber as landed. Good luck in Iowa boys, you will be dearly missed.

Keith Dixon said...

Always be happy memories thanks Aeros. Made some good hockey buddies around section 118,
So stay around third intermission how about a Houston Aeros fans night next year at the Stars or Rampage?
Hope to see Supermans cape waving in the next couple of years at a stadium in Houston with our new team.
It's going to be a long and winding road for us Houston hockey fans.

B2 said...

Yes, so glad Jacob got to do the puck drop at the last home game. That was a magnificent gesture by the club.
On another note that was a great game winning goal today by Zucker in the OT win over the Blackhawks.

breedloveandmorrison said...

Has anyone set up a send off to say goodbye to the staff and the team? I think that this would be really great.

B2 said...

I was hoping there would be a final meet/greet as well but I think ops will just quietly steal away in the middle of the night.

Great column in todays Chronicle Heather. Got a little "watery" eyed at the end.

Anonymous said...

We're Australians who have come to love the game of hockey from watching the Aeros play over the last couple of seasons. It's bittersweet for us too as we head back to Australia this month and were hoping that we might have to try and get back for a Calder Cup final game. A big thank you to the hockey community in Houston, the players and the Aeros office who all made it possible for us. We will be wearing our Aeros jumpers with pride when we watch the Australian Ice Hockey League teams play in Melbourne!

Anonymous said...

I'm not social media correct if there is such a phrase so I'll tell you I'm Craig from section 120.
Had some very nice friends to share the good times and bad.
The full impact as someone else mentioned won't be felt until the 2nd week of October.
Have followed the Aeros since the Sam Houston Coliseum days and the inauguration of the then Summit.
Road trips are definitely a given.
I will truly miss the guys and if by any chance Houston is blessed with another team hopefully there will be another venue as I guarantee I'll never step foot in Toyota Center again.