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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Aeros take down Barons, 6-4

(Oops! In my haste to get to bed, I never pressed publish on this post last night! Pretend you read this last night so I don't have to change all the timeframe references...)

The Aeros power play was the difference tonight, as two PP goals separated them from the Barons in the 6-4 final.

I didn't watch the game but followed along on the score sheet (from the hot tub... that's how dedicated I am, putting precious Siri at risk for a watery grave), eagerly watching the Aeros get the first goal from Charlie Coyle.

Then checked again to the disappointing news that OKC had scored twice, once on the power play. The lead didn't last long as Justin Fontaine scored his first of the night (PP goal) to tie it, but OKC scored their third of the period with 5 minutes left in the first and Matt Hackett got to take a seat in favor of Darcy Kuemper.
Fontaine's first goal of the night
Waved off goal for the Barons
Mikael Granlund (PP goal) and Carson McMillan scored in the second to take the lead, but Arcobello got his second of the night for OKC with just seconds left in the middle frame to go into the third period tied.
Game winner from Rau
The Aeros were the only ones to score in the third, with Chad Rau getting the game winner and Fontaine getting his second of the night for a little insurance.
Genoway playing hockey
Apparently there was quite an altercation with Brett Bulmer taking a pretty good licking (Chris said he got "mugged") from Teubert, and then Drew Bagnall and crazypants Dane Byers duking it out as the main event. Hopefully everybody's okay from that. Sounds like they are.

The boys head back home to tangle with Milwaukee here tomorrow night. We'll see you there!

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Forecheck said...

Well, you fared not much worse than those of us that tried to watch the AHLlive crapcast. You would think after all these years and thousands of games they would know how to get audio out of all 30 arenas without an annoying hum which just about drowned out Joe O.
Silly you.

Bulmer? More like he got his a## kicked. Was wearing a full face piece tonight vs. the MilAds.

Looked like we left the defensemen and goalies home in Houston during the first. Hack's had two bad games in a row now which is unusual for him. Doesn't appear to be hurt from what I can see.

The offense is clicking, but the D needs significant work and the goalies need to keep the puck out of the net.