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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Aeros blasted in preseason opener, lose 7-2 at Texas

Before we get to the bad news, please check out this link to Heather's Houston Chronicle story. I'm pretty sure this is her first official story as the Aeros beat writer. The article is about Mikael Granlund and how the Aeros should benefit from his presence during any extended NHL lockout.

Nice job Heather; we look forward to many more great stories from you at Chron.com and in print.

Texas 7, Aeros 2 (from the Cedar Park Center)
The only take I have from the first preseason game last night is that the Aeros allowed an AHL team-record seven goals in their loss to the Texas Stars. And that's bad.

For many years, Aeros fans got a steady diet of San Antonio only in the preseason, and I have to say it is nice to see the team able to mix it up a bit with the close proximity of now Texas and Oklahoma City.

But last night, even for a preseason game, it was a forgettable performance. Many coaches will tell you its a chance to see where you're at in terms of special teams and line combinations (and fitness levels, too). Based on all the twitter chatter I saw, the penalty kill was absolute atrocious.

But again, it is only the preseason; these games don't count and don't read too much into the final score. Right now there are just too many bodies in camp, so the coaches have to play somebody. Even the folks over in Cedar Park know not to read too much into last night's blasting.


Forecheck said...

At least it's early in the season, plenty of time to get the ox out of the ditch.

What, me worry?

Forecheck said...

Hammered again, 4-0, by the Edmonton Oil... er, uh, Oklahoma City Barons.


Let's get this lock-out resolved, OK?

artandhockey said...

But the next day 6-2 win with 4 by Granlund and 2 by Coyle... roaring back ! Maybe they just needed game 1 and 2 for warm ups ;-)!

Forecheck said...

Cool it down Granny or you will get called up....oops!!