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Saturday, October 13, 2012

View from the Pressbox: Aeros fall short on opening night.

If you were at Toyota Center on Saturday night, surely you noticed that big, black ugly curtain covering the new scoreboard over center ice.

It's not quite ready yet, and the Rockets are going to debut that baby in a few weeks. After they do, Aeros fans are going to love that. There are even going to be a few of you who will sit at the bar in the club level, drink and watch the game on that baby.

OK, so who am I kidding ... ?

That curtain might as well have been covering up the real Aeros, too. These guys have skill, and they are just going to have to learn to play at this level and with others that have the same kind of talent. The first period was a typical opening night period.

But Charlotte is mostly intact from a year ago, and they fed off a chemistry that the Aeros don't yet have. It is going to take a few weeks for all of that to come together, and when it does, you are going to see things at Toyota Center with a hockey puck that you have not seen since Westrum, Law and O'Sullivan.

Matt Hackett was solid, and really the only truly disappointing thing to me was the power(less) play. It was atrocious.

They were great getting the puck down the ice, and then BOOM disaster between the circles.

Charlotte knew what the Aeros were doing, and they stopped it. And when the Aeros did get something going they turned the puck over.

Congrats to Brodin, who gets the Aeros first goal of the season. It will probably be Game No. 2 tomorrow before they get their first real goal. Brodin's shot went off a Charlotte defenseman and into the net.

Have to give Rau a little stick tap, too, for keeping with that and causing a little trouble over there.

That is all from Toyota Center tonight. I do with the more than 8,000 fans could have gone home a little happier. We'll see how it all works out next week when Texas pays a visit.

What were your thoughts on the game?


Forecheck said...

Well, isn't it interesting how a swift dose of reality melts away all that dizzying hype about how this season’s team would be the next best thing to sliced bread (or at least the OKC Barons)? You know, what we’ve been reading on the Internet for the last month (they can’t put anything that isn’t true on the Internet, can they?) and had convinced ourselves was true?

I did see talent out there – a few nice passes and some fancy skating – but it wasn’t focused and moving towards the same objective. I think while we have more talent, Charlotte must have had a much better camp.

Most disturbing was the umpteenth return in club history of the powerless play. It looked even worse than last season. They couldn’t maintain possession deep, didn’t get people out front of the net, and really had no sense of urgency at all. Good grief, how much time did we waste on each power play possessing the puck behind our own net? The person I was talking to while leaving muttered “same coach, same power play, I guess”. Hope that isn’t the case!

Then in the third, they start leaving Hack out to dry.

At least we were able to figure out where the NFL replacement refs went to. Unfortunately, it’s the AHL.

B2 said...

Bad power play, fair passing, just not putting the puck on net enough. Talent won't get far without purpose.

Ms. Conduct said...

Keep in mind that Charlotte's team is fairly cohesive from last season, so they don't have half the team (or more) having to learn the system, learn each other, etc. like the Aeros are having to do. It's really apples and oranges for where they are in the learning process between these two teams. OKC will be a better comparison. Similar skill and similar roster turnover.

It's clear as day the challenge the coaches have. Somehow, get all these creative players on the same page. If they can do it, holy cow is this team going to be something to behold. But it's going to take time.

Joe said...

Wow! There is definitely individual talent, but talent as a team? No. Did these guys even have training camp. I mean damn! That was painful to watch.

And why was Genoway scratched? I hope he just has a stomach bug or something minor. They sure needed him on defense. Connely was not putting forth any extra effort tonight. I was waiting for Hackett to do one of his signature moves where he swats the guy in the legs and tell him to get his ass in the game. I believe we did hear Bagnall call him out a few times.

If it wasn't for Hackett tonight, the game would have been more like 6 - 1. There was no defense, and offense was just a bunch of showboating which accomplished nothing.

artandhockey said...

artandhockey write up and photos.

Anonymous said...

I say play all the vets...let some of the rookies sit and rotate in and learn the pro game. Earn a spot...

Forecheck said...

And another loss this afternoon to an obviously weaker opponent.

With the Texans getting killed by the Packers tonight - a lousy weekend to be a Houston sports fan!

alw02 said...

About the 2nd period start it looked as if the Aeros were a team. Then Hackett gave the Rampage the puck in from of his empty net. The next period Hacket was zoned out while the puck just sailed over his shoulder.