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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Aeros make awesomesauce right at your table, whitewash MKE 4-0

That was a fun game once the bus legs (and apparently bus hands) wore off midway through the first period.

No sooner had I admonished them for not having a shot on goal did Charlie Coyle score the opening goal. He's second in the league in scoring first goals, for you stats nerds who like obscure gems, with 3 including one last night, too.

The kid is so much the real deal, I can hardly believe it. I honestly thought if San Jose was willing to trade him away, they must not think THAT highly of him. But geez. How could you not? Size, hands, vision, Superman handsomeness... possibly x-ray vision now that I think about it...

Anyway, Kuemper was so locked in, I asked him if he needed to sleep all night on a bus (as he did on the way back from OKC last night) for all his starts. He begged for that not to be the case, but it sure seemed to work for him.

And we can't forget to throw some love at Johan Larsson, who scored his first pro goal and boy did he ever do it up right! Jetting down the boards, sweeping across the crease forcing Smith to go down and protect the lower half of the net (most guys can't lift the puck from that close in AND on the move), and then sniping far top corner.

It's the kind of goal that all the goobers I play hockey against think they can do but it's only in their dreams. Of course, I think I can push across like Smith did, but I get stuck about 3/4 of the way across and they don't need to lift it. They can just tap it in. :)

Hockey's great, isn't it? Wonder and humility all in one swift, 3-second move. That was certainly a contender for goal of the year. I want to watch it over and over, but my inner goalie would die a little on the inside each time, so I'm not gonna.

That's it for hockey until Friday and Saturday AT OKC and then back home on Sunday when the big black skirt will be gone from the TC ceiling and we'll get to watch replays without craning our necks and squinting at the end screens! YAY!

Also, as far as injuries, Palmer is injured, too, hence the scratch tonight. So that's Zucker, Cuma, Fredheim, and Pahmah in the MASH unit right now. Given the search going on for Petersen's sticks after the game, I think he's headed back to Orlando for the time being, but stay tuned.


Forecheck said...

A few random thoughts:

1) Bus legs for sure, also bus brains.

2) And don't forget, that pass from MiG to CC for the first goal was absolutely SICK.

3) The PP was also sick, but the bad kind of sick.

4) Two words : "Goalie Controversy"?

Anonymous said...

Aeros win and no comments? Where ARE all the fans that usually are so verbose? GO AEROS.

Anonymous said...

My wife and I are making the trip down from Minnesota to get our hockey fix in OKC Friday and Saturday. Hopefully the scoring goals in bunches continues!

Lasairiona said...

We're gonna try and hit up OKC next week for the double header! Great win last night :)

Anonymous said...

Love the Mac x 2 line...foot soldiers!
Great job shutting down the opposition be it Eberle's line or Mueller's line.

Forecheck said...

The Big Mac line?

B2 said...

The boys really played great Saturday.

Reeseman said...

It was a fun game to watch. But I have to point out that Larsson's "jetting down the boards, sweeping across the crease" took place without the slightest hindrance from the defenseman who let Larsson skate 270 degrees all the way around him untouched. I'm thinking Jeremy Smith was a little peeved on that one.

Ms. Conduct said...

Haha, fair point. Lots of watching by that pointin the game.