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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Signing Update

Wanted to give a quick update on what's gone on with signings this week.

At the beginning of the week, the Wild re-signed Matt Kassian and defenseman Nate Prosser to 2 and 1 years deals respectively. Both are 2-way deals, so I would expect to see them in Houston at least to start.

You may have heard that Derek Boogaard was not re-signed by the Wild and has since signed a (huge) contract with the Ranger, nor was John Scott (signed by Chicago), so there's a pugilist position open in Minnesota should they deem a little extra muscle is warranted. Bodes well for Kassian, I'd say.

Since free agency started, they have also signed a couple of new guys to two-way deals, both of which seem like solid depth pick-ups.

First is Warren Peters, whose name you probably recognize from the Texas Stars last season. He's a gritty center who can get you 20-30 points a season and has some NHL experience under his belt.

Second is Drew Bagnall, a big defenseman who has spent his pro career in the Kings' system in Manchester. I asked a friend who photographs the Monarchs to give me some thoughts on him:
Bags is a hell of a solid stay at home D-man that any goalie would LOVE to have in front of them. GREAT body checker good at stopping them at the blue line; Oh and he can drop the gloves. He was our BEST captain ever here. We are ALL gonna miss him here; but he's going to have more of a shot at the NHL with the Wild than with the Kings.
She even provided photographic evidence. All photos courtesy of Tracy Hicks from Press Photo International. Thanks so much Tracy!

So, there ya go. Andrew will hop on over the weekend to give some quotes from Mill on the signings.
Around the rest of the league, notable signings are Texas Stars Matt Climie signing with Phoenix. He'll battler for the #2 spot there, but knowing how it goes, we'll likely see him a lot in San Antonio. Also, per his Facebook page, Matt Beaudoin is also headed to the Phoenix/San Antonio organization, though I've seen nothing reported of it. Maybe he's just going on vacation? No, I don't think so. I'll update if I see something official.

Also, Jaime Sifers (who I liked alright but I'm happy to not have to write about now because I type "Sifters" every. single. time.) has signed with the Thrashers organization, so we'll likely see him with Chicago a bit.

That's all for now. Have a great, safe 4th of July weekend! Don't anybody blow themselves up, mmmmkay?


Forecheck said...

Since it looks like we have a solid AHL captain headed this way, does it mean DiSalvatore is out?

B2Bomber said...

I don't know either Forecheck. I think he's an unrestricted free agent so he may be out soliciting his services this week anyway.

Forecheck said...

I thought he was one of the four who we still had for a year after the end of last season.

B2Bomber said...

Well, DiSalvatore and Fraser were signed today per Aeros.com