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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dimples' Decision

In case you don't follow Russo, he's got some great info on what has basically become a stalemate between Anton Khudobin and the Wild. You can read Russo's piece here, but I'll summarize for you:

Anton has offers from the KHL and he's got a 2-way deal from the Wild on the table, but as I wrote about the other day, the signing of Endras appears to severely limit Anton's upward mobility in the organization.

So he has a choice to make. Go to the KHL, where he'd be pretty comfortable, since he grew up in Russia and has had good success there, and make many multiples of the salary he'd get here. Plus, guys are more and more able to come back to North America after a stint in Europe, especially the KHL and especially goalies, who have a longer maturity curve and fewer spots to land. There's not the stigma associated with it that used to be there. It's no longer a sign of "couldn't make it in North America."

Or, he can take the two way deal from the Wild where he has a chance of moving up if there are injuries up top, he stays on the North American scouts radars, and avoids any hint of being a guy who ditches his team. But I honestly don't think that last thing is an issue for him. He's been a VERY good soldier his entire career in the organization and that doesn't go unnoticed by outsiders. Plus, he hasn't signed a deal yet, so really, he's not breaking any agreements by leaving.

We'll know soon. The deadline to sign is tomorrow.

Meanwhile, it's interesting to look at the list of remaining free agents to see who might be a good replacement for him if he does depart for more Russian pastures. Here's a good list though it doesn't include guys who've been playing in Europe who could come back this way.

Tordjman is a name that sticks out to me as a quality, steady player. And before you say it, no, Brusty won't be back here. I'm in the acceptance phase of my grief over that, so don't mess me up.

Matt Zaba is good. Not sure how some of those higher up guys would take to a 2-way deal. Danis is decent. But really, Anton is as good as any of them (apart from the unrealistic ones like Turco).

But who knows what Mr. Khudobin will decide. I've heard good cases on both sides, so I'm sure it's a very difficult decision for him personally and professionally.


Forecheck said...

If I were Anton, I would go KHL as long as it wasn't some absolutely absurdly expensive city to live in like Moscow or St. Petersburg. He can sign for a year or two then be ready to hit the NHL>

artandhockey said...

Now that Harding was re-signed...where does THAT leave Anton?

Ms. Conduct said...

Same place. Not where he wants to be.

Forecheck said...

Let's sign Chris Beckford-Tseu!!!!!


Actually, if not Tordjman, what sort of shape is Yann Danis in?