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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Few Words From Mike Yeo

Hey folks, how's it going? I bet that y'all have forgotten that I even exist, so long has it been that I've contributed anything to T3I. Apologies for that, but the mothership has been keeping me busy covering college sports, especially all of the Houston Cougar sports and Rice baseball, and I've actually been busy working and earning some cash at some temp jobs.

But enough about me. I talked to the Aeros new coach today, Mike Yeo. This will be for the mothership on Friday, so I'm not going to post a lot here, at the moment, but I thought I would write up a few things I got from our short talk.

There's a promise of a new style of play tailored after how the Pittsburgh Penguins, and to a lesser extent the Wild, play. But I heard a lot of Kevin Constantine in some of his answers, especially about the importance of defense and wearing the other team down and taking advantage of tired teams in the third, but I do think the offense will be much more aggressive, at least in theory.

But here's the thing.

As some of you remember, most of Yeo's professional playing career was spent in Houston, and he was the captain of the team that won the Turner Cup. He likes it here, and this is a job that he wanted.

"That’s a big part of why I’m here. It’s not like I was sitting in Pittsburgh, trying to pay attention to the internet and looking to see what job offerings and openings were out there. I was in a very good spot in Pittsburgh, and loved what I was doing there."

Houston's a special place to Yeo, and he can't wait to get know all of the fans all over again.

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Forecheck said...

So who are you, again? You seem to like hockey. Maybe this "mothership" thing could get you press credentials for this season?