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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Aeros Release List of Teams They'll Be Facing

While we still don't know the schedule for this season, at least now we know who the Aeros will be playing this season, and how many times we will be playing them.

Texas - 6/6
San Antonio - 5/5
Oklahoma City - 5/5
Rockford - 4/4
Chicago - 3/3
Milwaukee - 3/3
Peoria - 3/3

Abbotsford - 2/2
Grand Rapids - 2/2
Lake Erie - 2/2
Manitoba - 2/2
Hamilton - 1/1
Toronto - 1/1

Syracuse - 1/1

The only North Division team the Aeros won't play are the Rochester Americans. And the only Eastern Conference team they'll be playing are the Syracuse Crunch. They get to play the Western Conference Champs, Texas Stars, 12 times, the Rampage 10, and the recently located to Oklahoma City club 10 times.


Forecheck said...

Well, another messed up AHL schedule designed with one and only one purpose in mind - minimize travel costs.

Forget anything you once believed in about balancing schedules.

Of course, this is from a league that awards three points for some games and two points for others, and where roughly 2/3rds to 3/4rs of the teams finish "0.500 or better".

Anyone willing to chip in on a remedial statistics course for AHL executives?

The Wolves here only three times and the Griffs only twice. Ouch.

Forecheck said...

BTW - It's the Oklahoma city Barons.

John Royal said...

Thanks, FC. I've been away on other things, and I couldn't remember the Oklahoma City team name.

Chris Jerina said...

Wow, at least you guys get an Eastern conference team. The Ads team president told us in April that we would see the Eastern teams this year... quelle surprise, no Eastern teams.

Another Mirasty/Kassian fight perhaps? Worth the price admission.

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

Hockey scheduling has never made sense at the AAA level, and it never well. And Forecheck ... OF COURSE it is about costs. Go to a game on a Tuesday and look around? Full buildng (ha!). Just think about the rent that is spent just to put MAYBE a thousand butts in the seats.

And Chris, remember those Eastern teams have to want to spend the money too to come West for a few days. League-wide, the Ads are oft noted as the team with the worst schedule as far as diversity is concerned. What, just two or three years ago they only played 12 different teams? Brutal ... that same year, the Aeros played 19 (that was 2008-09, I think).

But the Ads are also famous for doing more with less ... and making the playoffs again, and again, and again ... (And I am sure they will do it again this year.)

I am looking forward to the season ... and thanks to the OKC Barsons, the Aeros won't play a brutal 24 games against the Rampage and Stars this year.

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

Oh, and Mirasty vs. Kassian did not materialize at Toyota Center last year. Kass, I believe, busted up his hand the game before and politely declined before the game.

I am pretty sure they had a doozy in Upstate NY, though.

Chris Jerina said...


I am fully aware it takes two to tango in terms of travel and such, but regardless, you have to agree, the politicians approach of "promise the world, hope no one remembers" is pretty lame to pull, especially for something like Eastern travel that maybe 30% of the fan base cares about.

And you're right, looks like Kassian and Mirasty have met up twice, both in Syracuse.

And obviously, its great for the Ads to make the playoffs, but it doesnt make it any more redundant to see the same team for up to 7 games that you saw for 10 already in the regular season.

And you are correct about 08/09, teams like Providence, Rochester and Syracuse came up to play Peoria, Chicago and Rockford, but for whatever reason, did not come the additional hour north to Milwaukee.

Forecheck said...

To make the schedule more symetric, you might as will break up the West Division into two four-team divisions, the Northwest Division and the Southwest Dision. The Aeros would play the other three Southwest Division teams ten times each and the Northewest Division teams six times each.

You would then have three divsions in the conference, with playoff spots going to the top two teams in each division, the third place team in the North, and a wildcard.

I don't know what kind of mess the Eastern Conference schedule is in, but you might be able to go with three divisions of five as close as most teams are to each other.

I know, kind of East Coast Hockey Leagueish.