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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

AHL Schedule will be delayed ... again

Hello Aeros fans --

Sorry for the long delay between posts, especially from me.
Since the signing of a few free agents recently, there has not been much to report out of AerosLand. Our good friend Barry Brust has signed an AHL deal with the Binghamton Senators. That is good news for him, and we wish him well.

As some of you have noted, the Aeros are one of the last teams in the 30-team AHL to announce either A) their home opener or B) any of their guaranteed home dates for the coming season. While these dates really don't matter to fans all that much (as the real schedule will not be announced until later) this is an incredibly helpful tool for sales folks in the front office. These six dates are planned well in advance to give the team a chance to get lots of butts in the seats.

From a writer's standpoint, releasing the home opener is great for getting the word out about the team during the dull part of the summer. It's also fun to put down on your calendar; finally a signal that hockey season is once again close.

As for the AHL schedule, for those of you who look forward to getting that piece of info, it's going to be delayed again. The AHL would love to get that sucker out as early in August as possible. But there are several teams in the league that share their arenas with NBA teams (Aeros included) and the basketball schedule is not yet finalized.

Several folks from around the league I have talked to have indicated that fans won't see a final schedule until "mid August." The AHL was asked, and they said there is no time frame at the moment.

As for the home opener and the guaranteed dates, here's to hoping something comes out on that pretty soon. While not all that important to fans, it is nice to have a countdown to the next time you get to see your favorite local AHL hockey team.

In closing, I would like to publicly thank Palmer Hestley for all of his help during the 2000-10 season. He is no longer with the organization, but he was a valued member of the Aeros' communications staff. In this era of instant news, he was always helpful with a quick reply, even when the answers were, "I don't know, not until later, or I can't tell you yet."

Best of luck in the future, and please keep in touch.
Hope to see you at a few games this year.


josh said...

well I guess we will have to wait. Gee I wonder when we will get the 6 dates

artandhockey said...

Too bad.. Palmer was a good addition to the promo staff!