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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Skiddish Aeros lose fourth straight, 2-1 OT decision to Checkers

Kind of says it all right now
The Lake Erie Monsters own the Aeros. Four losses to the Cleveland Club, and the Aeros never held the lead in any game.

Cutting into that ownership is a Charlotte Checkers club that simply can't lose right now, even with an ECHL goalie that frustrated the Aeros to no end, especially at the end of the first period when the Aeros finally woke up.

This effort was their best of the weekend. Friday was just awful, and they know that. Saturday, they had the jump, but not the brains. And Sunday, they just got beat by a better team, plain and simple. The PK seems to be getting better, but it's still a major concern.

Remarkably, after only getting one point on the weekend, the Aeros are still in the playoff picture. They are still Top 10 in the league, but they better figure out how to win on the road again. The schedule gets really, really crazy. Check out these numbers.

Starting Friday, the Aeros will play
  • 5 straight on the road
  • 13 of their next 16 away from Toyota Center
  • 17 of their next 21 games on the road
  • a total of 19 of their next 25 away from home
That is literally their worst schedule in the history of the team. Here's to hoping you hard core fans can make it through two months of NeuLion ...


artandhockey said...

Hard core fans (of Hockey) will-no doubt- watch NHL... now! :-)

Forecheck said...

The only joy I will get out of the Aeros moving to another city will be that I won't have to renew my subscription to AHL Live.

Yesterday's technology, at tomorrow's prices.

Forecheck said...

BTW, just found out Mara only got three games, which is a lot better than it could have been.