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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Aeros snap six-game skein, win 3-2 over Milwaukee

Milwaukee Admirals photo
It certainly wasn't pretty, but the Aeros fought their way past the Milwaukee Admirals to snap a pair of dubious losing streaks. Gone now are the overall losing streak (6) and the road losing skid (9). The Aeros responded twice quickly when the Admirals seemingly grabbed the momentum during the hockey game and the sparse crowd of witnesses (less than 3K announced, far fewer than than in the seats for Soup Nazi night).

Here is the recap from the Milwaukee-Journal Sentinel, whose game-day coverage of the Admirals is top-notch.

From my point of view, Wednesday's positives include, but are not limited to:

  • Zucker buried one of his many scoring chances
  • Kampfer did not finish in the negative 
  • Brodin and Fontaine returned from injuries
  • The penalty kill was perfect
  • Kuemper made 12 saves in the third period
  • The team scored three goals
  • Nick Petersen continues to score for the Aeros
  • Jake Dowell sticking up for teammate with a nice fight
  • Stephane Veilleux with another point

These all add up to a nice game for the Aeros, who will try to slow down the red hot Grand Rapids Griffins. And due to a TON of injuries to the Red Wings and several suspensions, the Griffins will be a bit shorthanded. The schedule certainly favors the Aeros, so getting anything less than two points in these two games in unacceptable.

Hey Admirals .... 
If you watch the full game highlights below, you'll see just how close this game should not have been. Score could have been 6-1 if the Aeros bury some of their prime chances, and this continues to be a major concern for this young team. But you can't complain when the team gets the "W" on the road for the first time since Dec. 7.

There are reports than Kris Foucault was re-injured ... so we'll try to check on that. Also, Nick Palmieri, who finally decided to accept his demotion from the NHL, was a healthy scratch. Zack Phillips, zero points and minus-four in his last four games, was also benched ... And Brodin, deemed completely healthy after breaking clavicle in November, is on his way up to the Wild. They play tonight against the Red Wings in Detroit.


Forecheck said...

Wow. The Aeros....won?

Something some of us thought would never happen again. Sometimes things aren't always as they appear - or we fear (hint, hint).

I think maybe this is a sign that, besides getting healthy, Steph and Dowell are having some effect.

Just don't expect to see Brodin after Super Bowl Sunday.

Forecheck said...

Write-up from an eyewitness :