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Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Mikael Granlund Situation

A few of you might have noticed that Mikael Granlund skated during the warm-ups, but that he was scratched from the game. A few of you might have also have read on twitter that the Wild had Granlund pulled from the game so as not to risk injury with a possible NHL camp right around the corner.

But that's not quite the way things went down. Not according to the Aeros:

"He has a little soreness, so we don’t want to push that, especially with it being a three-in-three," Aeros coach John Torchetti said after the game. "So you’ve got to be careful with that."

Granlund was also seen after the game with a bit of a limp, and the "soreness" is in the same general area of his previous injury.

So maybe the Wild chose not to play Granlund to prevent further aggravation of an injury, and it sounds like he'll be able to  play tomorrow night. But if the Wild "had him pulled" to prevent an injury, then it appears they waited a game too long.


Forecheck said...

Don't you just hate it when the truth gets in the way of juicy rumors (or tweets).

Joe said...

What happened to Connely? We have Zucker, Coyle, Palmieri, Larsson, McIntyre and a slew of others for offense that are good, but it would suck to lose a great D-man. He wasn't limping like MiG. He had a left arm that was flapping when he left the ice. Hoping just a stinger.

Forecheck said...

Looked like he got slahsed on the hand/wrist and poppeds something.

Right in front of the ref, and of course no call.

Anonymous said...

Forecheck do you even watch the game?... No slash whatsoever ... He got hit awkwardly in the shoulder..

Anonymous said...

Other part of the tweet was that they almost pulled him yesterday. So he got something minor, now he's pulled so he doesn't make it worse.

Forecheck said...

@Anon - Thanks, saw it out of the corner of my eye and assumed it was a slash given the reaction of some fans around me.

Tentative agreement reached, so I wonder if it wasn't a bit of both.