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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Aeros Lose 3-2 to Monsters

John Torchetti was not a happy man after tonight's 3-2 Aeros loss to the Lake Erie Monsters. The Aeros played a better game than they did in Friday's loss to the Stars, but the team was sloppy and depending too much on goalie Darcy Kuemper to make way too many saves.

"We’ve got a lot of hockey players that think they’re better than they are," Torchetti said. "And that’s the end of the subject."

But it wasn't quite the end of the subject. He spoke of the lacking leadership and accountability. And he said the team had to tighten up their act on the ice.

The Monsters scored first. The Aeros tied it up on the power play when Charlie Coyle sent a puck cross-ice to Jason Zucker who one-timed it backdoor for a pretty goal. It stayed that way through the third when the Monsters took the 2-1 lead before Johan Larsson tied it on the power play. But this is the Aeros, and just moments later, the Monsters scored again.

"That’s how losing streaks start," Torchetti said. "Because we’re not detailed and we’re not committed."

The Aeros are going to have work harder now that the NHL season is preparing to start. Mikael Granlund is gone. And since this is he Wild the team's dealing with, the injuries will start pretty quickly. That means a lack of chemistry, a lack of consistent line. That means talent alone is not going to be enough. And if the team doesn't pay attention to the details and if it's not committed to the system, then this team could indeed be in for losing streak.

And if any of these guys are expecting automatic call-ups just because of the Wild-injury history, then maybe they all to think on that some more.

"In the end, the NHL executives on our team ask us who’s playing well," Torchetti said. "So it ends up hurting you more than anything. If you think you’re trying to not get hurt for up there, you’re not even going to be part of their training camp because what you do this week is what you for next week to get in there."

The Aeros have a chance to break the losing streak before it can really get tomorrow tomorrow at 5:00. But who knows what Aeros team is going to show up.


Forecheck said...

Or how many fans will show up - - something about a football game at 3:30.

I guess the positive thing is they didn’t suck as badly Saturday night as they did Friday night.

This team is just so out of it on several levels. And OMG we have to play CHARLOTTE Sunday!

Fortunately, not many eyes watching that one.

The best thing for this team, along with getting the remaining players healthy, would be for them to get out of town for 2-3 weeks and be locked up in the Wild’s training facility in Minnysohta when they aren’t playing. That way, they can FOCUS on something called HOCKEY. I’ve been suspecting that’s been an issue lately here in the big city. Hopefully it will bring back some PASSION which has been so missing from their play lately.

Yes, I read Russo last night.

view from afar said...

The defensive core needs a wake up call. Went back to look at the last 5 games and who was on the ice for goals against even strength, short handed and on penalty kill.

Jan 4 – 2 goals against – Medvec/Cuma (ES) and Fredheim/Cuma (PK)

Jan 5 – 0 goals against

Jan 6 – 4 goals against – Kampfer/Genoway (SH), Kampfer/Ludwig (ES), Kampfer/Fredheim (PK), and Fredheim/Cuma (ES in OT)

Jan 11 – 4 goals against – Mara/Genoway (PK), Mara/Genoway (PK), Kampfer/Cuma (ES) and goal 4 was Empty netter so not factoring in

Jan 12 – 3 goals against – Mara/Genoway (ES), Fredhiem/Cuma (ES), Mara/Genoway (PK)

Good thing Kampfer got called up, on the ice for 4 goals against (this one is a head scratcher); Mara is getting some serious ice time but doesn’t appear to be the answer. Maybe he is getting a free pass since he is a former NHL’er; Cuma is Cuma; Fredhiem is stuck with Cuma or Kampfer and Genoway works really hard but killing penalties at his size? Come on…..really? Really missing Bagnall, Connelly is strictly offensive and Medvec must be in the coaches doghouse?

Anonymous said...

This team is in serious trouble.
Agree with above - no passion whatsoevewr on this team and no leadership.
looks like the last Aeros season in Houston will be one to remember for all the wrong reasons.

B2 said...

All I can say, and said last night, is they should have given the Mighty Mites a shift. Maybe would have improved the team effort. Not looking forward to today's game after the drumming they've taken in the last two.

artandhockey said...

Yes, agree.
Genoway works very hard,plus he has fast reactiosn vide the way he snuck the puck away from what may have been another goal for LEM.
As does Larsson.
Phillips skates fast, but..
Mara is a ? But he, perhaps, needs more time to adjust to playing the Aeros system? The other newby Reed, seemed to have the basics to be good, but may also need more seasoning.
Cuma...sometimes he IS good, often he is not! Palmieri and Bulmer used to be a good combo, what Happened?
Fredheim ditto.
Kampfer a average player. not really to be missed.
Sadly most face offs go in the opponents favor!
Really miss Peters there ;-)!
Ah, well miracles can happen, don't they?

Anonymous said...

A Bit Off Topic from a first time poster. Checked in wondering if there would be any comments or more detail following the following from Ken Hoffman's column on Sunday: "Where will the Houston Aeros play next season? Toyota Center is just too big for the small crowds the Aeros draw. They need to find a more "intimate" ice rink. I'm betting there will be an announcement soon."

Ms. Conduct said...

I'd say he's right on the announcement soon (as long as you're somewhat flexible on your definition of soon). I think it's a rather oversimplified synopsis of the situation, of course. The Aeros draw well for an AHL team, but TC certainly isn't the coziest environment on a night when there are 4,000 in the stands. When there are 8-10k+ it's not bad at all. But really, there's not another choice that I'm aware of, and the issue isn't the fan environment, but the lease. Always comes down to the almighty dollar, doesn't it?

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

Here is the link to that article:

Am I missing something, or is that just obscenely random for that context?

Also, that placement was not an accident. But Ken Hoffman? Kind of an odd choice if that indeed is an intentional leak of some sort.

Ms. Conduct said...

Very odd. I know randomness is kinda Hoffman's schtick so I dunno how much to read into it. Actually innocuous random musing or purposely extra innocuous? Ha.

Joe said...

Isn't there a game missing from this blog. I could have sworn I went to the Toy box on Sunday, 01/13/2013 to watch another poor outing by our forwards.

You would think with all of the banged up defencemen that we would be getting beat by rather high margins. Not the case. The, defencemen while not always pretty, are holding their own.

ICEVET said...

Sometimes the "truth is hidden in plain sight".

Your BLOG deserves credit for raising the issue of the Aeros RELOCATION at the end of last season (May 4, 2012 POST). The ensuing departure of David Burke further suggested that the WILD were going to make a move upon lease expiration.

As Mr. Ferraro aptly pointed out, therein, "AHL hockey is for-profit hockey" and it does not require a high hockey IQ to understand that the WILD have better venue options than TC. To be sure, the economic damages incurred by MSE (the Minnesota Sports & Entertainment Group and the WILD's nominal owner, Mr. Leopold) during the CBA Lockout only reinforced the urgency for change.

The WILD certainly enjoy the benefit of Xcel Energy Center, recognized as one of the best venues globally for sporting events and "fan experience". As Ms. Conduct implied, the WILD decision (whether a single step or 2-step process) will have been driven by WILD "hockey economics" and not by Houston "fan experience".