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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kassian To The Show

The call-up express that is the Minnesota Wild continues today as Matt Kassian has been called up to the Wild.  Jon DiSalvatore, who played last night, is on his way back to Houston. 

Does anyone know if the guys on the Aeros roster get to keep their frequent flier miles on United/American/Southwest/USAir/Delta from all of the trips back and forth to St. Paul?


Forecheck said...

Why not just get it over with - call up the whole team and cancel the rest of the Aeros' season?

Anonymous said...

That would have been a fun game to watch. I see on the Oiler's site they show the stars of the game as #1 Kassian, #2 Taylor Hall, #3 Koivu. According to the Box Score sheet, they were #1 Kassian, #2 Prosser, #3 Palmer. Why two versions?

Forecheck said...

Kass plays two minutes, collects 20 PIM. A 10:1 ratio.

Two fights against the now-in-decline Hordichuk. Notice to the long time Aeros fans, I didn't do the intentional mis-spelling of his name as was popular in Aeroland ten years ago.

Also, Palmer nets his first NHL goal!

Anonymous said...

We were fortunate enough to be at the game - it was fantastic - Kassian, Prosser & Palmer were named the stars of the games and deservedly so! Crowd of 19194 - just crazy - we were so proud of "our boys"!