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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

DiSalvatore and Prosser Called Up To Wild

One of the things John Torchetti was lamenting after last night's 2-1 OT win over the Rampage was just the lack of continuity with the Aeros.  What with the injuries and call-ups, it seems as if the Aeros have new players, new line combinations, and new lineups seemingly every game, which makes it difficult for the guys to settle into patterns and learn the tendencies of their linemates.

It was hoped last night, what with some guys having been recently returned, and four days between games, that the Torchetti would be able to get the actual Aeros out on the ice, get lines back to what they were supposed to be when the season started, and get some continuity to the team. 

That's not how things are going to be however. 

Jared Spurgeon was knocked out of the Wild lineup last night be a vicious hit into the boards, so the phone call came down to Houston.  On their way to St. Paul are Jon DiSalvatore and Nate Prosser.  David McIntyre tweeted last night that he hopes to return to the lineup soon, but otherwise, there may be some more guys from the ECHL/CHL joining the team this week.

For you Wild fans, be nice to DiSalvatore.  He's the team captain, and he does all of the little things that help your team win. This year, he's been sacrificing points so as to get the dirty, unrewarded stuff handled, and he's a great locker room guy.  Here's a piece I wrote on him for AHL.com about a month ago.

And if there's anything we can ask for the New Year, it's that the Wild get healthy and become, once again, the Minnesota Wild, and not the Minnesota Aeros as I've seen them referenced in some places, because that will be for the better of both clubs.


Forecheck said...

Crap..... will it never end?

Anonymous said...

Good for Jon! He so deserves this call up.

Mindy said...

MN Wild twitter reporting that DiSalvatore and Prosser with both play tonight in Nashville. Excited for Jon to get a chance again at the NHL level after all the hard work and leadership he provides for the Aeros.

ICEVET said...

Ditto: All serious Aeros fans owe Jon DiSalvatore a "standing ovation" for his contribution to the Team and Organization over the past two seasons.

Let us hope that he rewards Mike Yeo for his confidence and helps win a few games for the WILD...without injury.

Regarding the WILD RECALL machine, there is certainly NO surprise about what it happening, only the intensity with which it is happending, driven by injuries....Nate Prosser was told in September that he would be up and down throughout the season.

Really bad news about the vicious hit by thug-McCleod on the always-reliable Spurgeon ...hope he can recover quickly.

Go Aeros!!!

CatTrick said...

Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery to Jared Spurgeon!

Anonymous said...

We made the trek to MN to see the Wild play the Oilers tonight. Excited that we may see Jon play too. The Oilers checked into our hotel last night so they've had the luxury of rest and a good night's sleep. Disappointed we won't see Spurgeon play, but are excited to the rest of our Minnesota Aeros too! Here's hoping for a win!

Forecheck said...

Spurgeon's back playing, maybe Pross will be back for Sunday?

Or maybe the Wild will save money on the round trip ticket, knowing that at minimum someone's getting a hang nail at the next morning skate?