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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cody Almond's Shortie In Photos

The Aeros may have lost 3-2 tonight, but Cody Almond got them a short 2-1 lead at 16:06 of the second period on a sick short-handed goal. And as luck has it -- trust me, it was luck -- I have the photos of the goal.

I've got to go now, they're trying to pull the Toyota Center wi-fi on us, so look for more Bikini Contest photos later, and Heather should be writing a story on the game which will be posted later, as well.

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Forecheck said...

That's one of the ways you score on a big kid like
Berka - - Berku - - him.

Get him moving one way, you have all that inertia keeping him from going back to the other.