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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

View from the Press Box - Texas 3, Aeros 2

I thought the Aeros were going to send this one to overtime. They created, they buzzed, and they even worked a few passes up to the point.

But Tyler Beskorowany played a tremendous period and hockey game, sending the Aeros to back-to-back regulation losses for just the second time this season.

I thought the Aeros were OK in the first, and even though the shots favored the Stars, the Aeros won that period. Different story in the second.

Three huge, egregious mistakes cost the Aeros any chance of winning the middle frame. Cody Almond scored a pretty short-handed goal to give the Aeros their second lead of the game, but the last four minutes of the period were so horrific that ... that ... well, I will let Torchetti tell you how it went.

"We gave up one goal (the first one) behind the net; we had the puck twice right there. On the second goal, we were in the neutral zone, we went for a home run play,which we never do. Then on the third one, it's another neutral zone play, we needed to pull up there, but we didn't, and that made it a 3-on-2 off the shot and we lost our coverage. Just details, and it cost us two points tonight."

That pretty much sums it up right there.

Another point I would like to make is that the Aeros just keep playing worse the longer this injury saga lasts with the mother team.

Torchetti will not use that as an excuse; he just says that the players getting those minutes need to play better mentally. Well, they don't, and it gets to the point where Torchetti says, "OK, no more free ice."

I guess we'll see come Monday, but who can you afford to sit when Taffe, Wellman, Peters, Ortmeyer and Palmer are all more than 1,000 miles away?


Forecheck said...

It's bad enough half of our forwards are up in Minny or hurt, so I can understand some of the offensive futility, but where was our defense in the second?


And why do the Aeros save their worst for the home folks? They've almost lost twice as many games at home than they have won.

Double Yuk.

And what is it now - - open season on goalies?

Maybe Santa will give us our players back for Christmas.

artandhockey said...


alw02 said...

Watching a practice this year is not like watching a practice last year. The practice looks like a 'tough' Rob Daum practice.

Yeo's practice were focused on some aspect of the game with a lot of team instruction with targeted drills to make whatever point he was teaching for the day.

ICEVET said...

View from Center Ice:

Unfinished Business.....
A mere SIX Aeros (McMillan, Rau, Prosser, DiSalvatore, Almond, and Bagnall) with game ice-time played in the Calder Finals...that leaves a pool of 14 skaters (ECHL, PTO's, etc) who have been thrown into dynamic "melting pot" with which Coach Torchetti is currently expected to win games (or get points) against very competitive AHL Teams...most of us feel that he has done a truly remarkable job under the circumstances.

The Contagion.....
Russo (12/20 Russo Rant POST on the Vancouver shutout) makes a profound point with respect to the WILD's grim situation: "when a team's playing well, (then) gets decimated by injury, (then) completely loses one's game and (thereafter) forgets how to get it back".....with 5 of the Aeros top forwards recalled and McIntyre scratched, the Contagion has infiltrated the Aeros capability.

The Backstop.....
With these headwinds, the Aeros goalies MUST give their BEST every night and elevate their game to a higher level...in order for the Aeros to be competitive. Simply playing like an "average" goalie will not get it.

Go Aeros!

Go Aeros!