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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Deja vu all over again

John's in Vegas so you'll have to put up with my half-assed version of what he does tonight.

I like Andrew's advice against planning the parade, but gosh if it didn't feel like we just stepped back 3 months in time; like they hardly missed a beat over the summer. It was all very "I love it when a plan comes together" wasn't it?

Anyway, as Forecheck mentioned in the comments on Andrew's post, plenty to work on. Lord have mercy, the penalties, for one. As Torchetti said after the game, you should be getting bench penalties maybe once every 40 games. They got two tonight. Plus 7 others. Though I question a couple of them. I mean, that delay of game on Genoway for holding the puck was pretty silly, IMO. Let 'em play.

Hackett was impressive, especially after a relatively light first couple of periods, where he didn't have to make many saves. They were important saves, though, because the rest of the team was like the Keystone Kops for the first half a period.

But the three penalties in a row that they had to kill midway through the first seemed to snap them into gear and from there it was Casey Wellman haunting poor Matt Climie (again!) and a full on blitz from every other line.

Andrew mentioned that Ortmeyer goal, but I'm going to mention it again. Holy...  that was.... wow. I want someone to make a GIF of that so I can watch it over and over and over. And really, several of the goals tonight were pretty enough for all of us on press row to be looking at each other in disbelief.

I also enjoyed seeing little bursts of what some of the new guys are about. Foucault with some sick hands around the net at one point... give that kid some room and look out. I'm gonna wager he's a hot shot in the shootout.

Taffe, of course, was skillful and solid like you expect him to be. And Nystrom did a good job setting aside the disappointment of even being in Houston instead of Minnesota and was excellent defensively. That leaping hit midway through the game was just so random and hilarious... It might have gotten him Shanabanned in the NHL, but nobody got hurt so it was okay in the A.

Best of all was the long-lived bad blood between these two teams. Always fun when there's real emotion there. Even more fun when you can best a team of scoundrels like the Wolves. (Kidding of course, lots of respect for those guys.)

Anyway, Torch seemed pretty happy with the game, while acknowledging some downfalls. And Wellman said they wanted to carry some momentum from last season and felt like they did a good job of it. But, he said, they have a 3 in 3 next weekend so I get the feeling that will feel more like a litmus test than tonight's one-off game did. 

Wasn't able to get anything out of the team as far as roster moves, but Torch likes what having extra players does for not only motivating the guys who ARE getting the ice time, but also keeps the pace up during practice without wearing everyone out. With 3 in 3 this weekend, if there are still some spots to be won, maybe things get shaken up a bit.

That's all for tonight.

Thanks everybody for coming out in the awful weather. It was the second best turnout for a home opener since the team moved to the Toyota Center. And in that deluge, lesser fans might have stayed home, but the ol' barn felt pleasantly full, with parts of the upper bowl open for business even.

Next game, bring your tissues because I dunno about you guys, but I might get a little dust in my eyes when they reveal the Western Conference Championship banner. Hope there's room for it next to all of Climie's jocks...


John Royal said...

I was at the Lindsey Buckingham concert tonight -- hey, I can't put my life on hold while the AHL dicks around with making a schedule. I'll be in Vegas trying to forget my birthday next weekend. Then I'll be back.

artandhockey said...

Sorry to be slow in uploading and posting selected pics..... but there are some good shots on artandhockey of Game One!

Forecheck said...

Speaking of Deja-Vu, for those of you who mistakenly subsriced to AHL Live! again this year - guess which game is not available on archive due to "technical difficulties".

Hmmmm ???

Steve said...


I was actually about to subscribe to AHL Live for the first time this season. How would you rate the quality/feed for the Aeros games? From the few reviews I could find, it looks like it depends on which arena the game is being filmed at.

Mindy said...

By chance does anyone have an extra magnet schedule they would part with? I follow the Aeros up here in Minnesota and I'm happy to cover shipping plus a couple bucks for your trouble.

Forecheck said...

Steve -

AHL Live is a crapshoot.

I think about four or five games (total of home and away ) were unavailable because they couldn't get the feed working.

Video quality varies with arena. Some are really good, some are almost colorless or with lower resolution.

Also, some arenas have camera guys who frankly don't know how to shoot a hockey game (I think it was either Peoria or Rockford had a guy who didn't seem to know what a zoom was).

There are problems with viedo and audio sync. If the audio gets behind, you'll hear Joe talking, then all of a sudden - You'll about second third , a will off completely.

Not to mention video hangs, or the feed disappearing completely, replaced with what on chat roomer described as "pretty, pretty snowflakes".

I consider it a marginal purchase. The reliabilty needs to get a lot better for me to endorse it. They seem to be repeating last year's mistakes this year, which is inexcuseable.

OK, first rant of the year completed.

Word verification "ungst" : The mixture of dissapointment and anxiety associated with AHLLive.

Steve said...

Thanks for the review. I think I might bite the bullet and try it out for this season. I'm just so tired of listening to the games on the radio. However, my expectations will be low.

Forecheck said...

With AHLlive, lowered expectations are a must.

Forecheck said...

Nystrom traded to Dallas for nobody.

Guess this was to dump his salary.

More Deja Vu....