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Monday, October 3, 2011

Aeros release 7; Hackett recalled to Minnesota

The Aeros announced their first round of cuts today.
No real surprises here, but the team is getting closer to the 23-25 players that will be on the roster by Sunday's opener. One name that is NOT on this list is Aaron Boogaard. He is still an Aero today.

Per Aeros.com, the cuts include:

Mike Kramer
Matt Marquardt
JP Martignetti
Greg Stewart

Josh Harding
Tysen Dowzak
Sam Lofquist
Wes O’Neill

UPDATE - The Wild also announced that it has recalled Matt Hackett from the Aeros. Unsure if there is any injury to Backstrom or Harding, but this could be just to have him bond with the big club. We'll post more if we hear anything.

Man, I just found out about Harding. Russo said a couple of times that the guy just can't catch a break. He was being nice. Harding was one of the most fun goalies Aeros fans ever got to watch live, but man, he is so unlucky, I wouldn't want to be anywhere near that guy. Black cats, broken mirrors and No. 13s have nothing on Harding. 

Someone once told me they thought that Harding milks every injury for what it's worth and more so that he can continue to collect NHL money with minimal effort. Either way, it's a small miracle that he is still on the Wild roster. I am not sure his stats, performance or attitude support his cause. I also find it curious that we never really hear Wild fans chirping about Harding. Maybe it is just because he is a backup goalie. 

I would love to hear the opinion of those that follow them more closely.


Forecheck said...

Apart from Lofquist, my reaction was "who?"

Word verification "consco" - a discount retailer for convicted felons.

Anonymous said...

Same here, Forecheck. But I thought Lofquist had been doing well and was expected to remain here in Houston. Hmmmmm......

BReynolds said...

I have never had any issue with Harding's attitude. He worked his tail off to come back from the ACL / MCL injury, and kept a schedule helping the Wild with PR and community things while he was hurt. I would find it very, very difficult to believe he was milking anything. Every time I have spoken to him, he wanted back on the ice, wants to play, and wants to get his shot as a #1 goalie.

The fact that it is even a question is a bit bothersome. No idea where that is coming from.

Ms. Conduct said...

I've heard that rap lots from Aeros fans. Have heard "baby" used for him and not just from fans.

But I have to say, it's taken a lot of tenacity to stay sane in the face of doing nothing but rehab for months on end. I believe people can grow and mature (especially in their 20s), so I'm giving the guy the benefit of the doubt.

He wants to play, I have no question about that. Now, could he "play through" his gimpy ankle? Probably, but why not rest it a few days while he can? No big deal. I'd put money on Hackett being back on Sunday.

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

Good to hear from someone so quickly. When he was in Houston, it was clear that he worked his tail off to make sure he earned his place in Minnesota.

He is one of the best Aeros goalies ever ... and that is saying quite a bit considering all the guys that have played here before.

Tim Thomas (OK, so it was one game)
Freddie Chabot
Mike Smith

Just to name a few ...

Forecheck said...

Maybe we shouldn't use the word "break" when referring to Harding - or anyone else on the Wild...

artandhockey said...

So Kuemper and Endras may get more opportunities to play which is good!