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Friday, October 7, 2011

Random Thoughts ... Including the Devil's Game

Only in Texas
Happy Friday everyone ... Houston hockey returns on Sunday. I hope everyone is excited as I am. As it appears this blog is riding off into the sunset, I wanted to drop a few thoughts in here before the real games begin.

First, the Wild officially assigned Nystrom to Houston after he cleared waivers earlier today. I expect he'll be ready to go on Sunday, but we'll see. At some point, the Wild could put him on re-entry waivers and another team could have him at half price. No one claimed him at full price, so it will be interesting to see a) how he plays back in the AHL and b) if anyone wants him later at a discount.

Also, I printed off my scoresheets for the games this season. I always do this at once to make sure I have all of them done and I don't have to worry about it in the middle of the season. When I do that, I always make a note on the cards where the Aeros will hit the quarter pole, when they will play their last game, etc.

This year, I noticed that the Aeros will be the first team in the last 10 years to play Game No. 666 in back to back seasons.

They'll play The Devil's game on Thursday, Feb. 12, at Toyota Center. Last year, they played Game 666 at Lake Erie and won the match 2-1. When the Aeros hit the ice that night, they'll surpass San Antonio Rampage as the all-time AHL leader in Game 666s played.

It's always fun when you can help prove conspiracy theories. There are many of us that cover Western Conference teams that think there is a slight East Coast and Canadian team bias when it comes to coverage and publicity from the league office.

While I do think that is true, I have no problem with it. That is where most of the teams are after all. But since 2005-06, not one Eastern Conference team has hosted game No. 666. In fact Binghamton is the only Eastern team to even participate in a Game 666. (Syracuse did play at Chicago in the 666 game back in 2006, but they were in the West that year.)

Even funnier? In 2009-10 there was NO game 666! That's right, the league assigned Game 667 after Game 665 to the Rockford IceHogs. So technically, again, another West team played the 666th game that season.

The last time an Eastern Conference team hosted Game 666 was on Jan. 31, 2004. Manchester beat Worcester 5-3 in that game.

OF COURSE I am kidding about this being a conspiracy theory. I just thought it was interesting. So far the Aeros are 1-1 in Game 666s; here's to hoping the Aeros give the Devil his (wait for it, wait for it) ... his deuce.

*Ducks and dodges the first of 100 rotten tomatoes*
*Is hit by the second of 200 rotten tomatoes*

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