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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Carson McMillan Suspended

Just a quick note -- I probably shouldn't blog while at work -- that the AHL just announced a bunch of suspensions for this week. And number one on the list is Carson McMillan who has been suspended for four games, beginning this week, for an illegal check to the head he delivered during Saturday's game against the Rampage.


Forecheck said...

I'm all for reducing concussions in hockey, but I still maintain this was a B.S. call. It was a good hockey hit. Unless the "A" in AHL stands for "Alice".

I also see that Sunday's game has generated just slightly more enthusiasm and energy amongst the T3I bloggers as it did amongst the Aeros' players....

Word verification "messesi" - acknowledgement in Spanish that something is messy.

Ms. Conduct said...

Yeah, that's on me, Forecheck. But here's what that post would have looked like:

"Ugh. That stunk, but it's early. See you next weekend!"

And I agree. Bullshit call. Clean hockey hit.

ICEVET said...

Over 6,000 Aeros fans would, undoubtedly, agree that Graham Skilliter's call was arbitrary and overlooked the "embellishment" by Evgeny Dadonov (who continued his very aggressive play shortly thereafter). To be sure, we are going to see a lot more of these "calls", given Official League pressure (in particular on new refs) to mitigate head injuries and counter the recent bad press on ex-player deaths.

If anyone happens to be curious, Skilliter (6 WHL and 2 ECHL seasons) was only recently hired by the NHL.

Coincidentally, on February 3, 2010, he was a victim of a temple fracture and concussion in a Kelowna Rockets game, in a collision with the Rocket's Brandon MCMILLAN, which sent him to the hospital and sidelines for a while.....Anyone think that he might have forgotten the NAME?

Go Aeros!

Steve said...

didn't he only get a 2 min penalty in the game for this? 4 games seems a little harsh, but I guess I would have to see it again

Forecheck said...

BTW - 4 foures is exactly what Taffe got for a premeditated elbow to the back of a vulnerable Josh Harding's neck.

Just sayin'.

artandhockey said...

ICEVET... interesting revelations there (personal experience with hits to the head) about NAME recognition ;-)by a newly 'hatched' referee!!