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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Aeros sweep weekend games at Milwaukee and Rockford

Rockford IceHogs Photo
Just take a look at the injury report there to the right. What a sad mix of bad luck, frustration and repetitive injuries. As a fan, I know how frustrating it is when you can't really know what to expect night in and night out. But can you imaging what the coaching staff must be thinking, especially on a part of the schedule where there is zero time to practice?

We got a glimpse of that a few days ago when head coach John Torchetti let his guard down a bit to reveal his level of frustration (See below)

To keep this team at a level that will give them a chance at the playoffs with all the injuries is a true testament of Torchetti's belief in his guys. I don't know what to think of the Aeros in their last 25 games or so, but just when it looks like they are primed for a poor stretch, the team pulls out of it and gets the job done with what left of the original squad and anywhere from 7-10 ECHLers.

It's gotten to the point where Torchetti half jokes that he expects that he'll never have fewer than six guys on the shelf at any given time. And it's the kind of joke where you have to joke because you're not really joking. Haha?

The Aeros won at Milwaukee 5-2 on Friday and followed that up with a 2-0 shutout on Saturday. They now have played more games than just about anybody, so that fifth place in the conference is a bit deceptive. But if they keep winning on this road trip, they'll set themselves up for a nice finish where they will have a lot of home games after rodeo season.

Oh, and as one of the commenters pointed out, Darcy Kuemper now has enough minutes (more than 900) to qualify on the leaderboard. He is now the No. 2 goalie in the AHL.

The Aeros have a quick two days off before they bus over to Cedar Park. There, they'll try to snap a four-game losing streak again the Stars.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's just my perception but the defense seems to be playing at a higher level with Darcy in net. Let's just hope the Wild stay healthy for awhile and perform adequately where no further callups are required in the brief interim.

ICEVET said...

Undoubtedly, Hockey is a "collision sport" and injuries are a part of the game, as we all know.

With 49 games played, several skaters have been "off-ice" for nearly 50% of the season, notably:

Palmer (33g), Foucault (23g), Broda (21g), Bulmer (20g), and Cuma, Connelly, and Rau (16g).

Since more than a few of these skaters have a long history of injuries, it rather begs the question of how the WILD talent gurus take injury histories (WILD and AEROS) into account when making player decisions....not a critical comment...just a rhetorical question?

BTW, after 49 games, an interesting STAT is Matt Hackett's PIMPG (0.29) which EXCEEDS that of 7 Aero Skaters (Forwards: Fontaine, Rau, Foucault, Phillips, Peterson and Defensemen: Connelly and Fredheim)....just an observation.

Anonymous said...

Both goalies had the same team playing in front of them this weekend. Just funny cause earlier in the season say they lost last night 3-2 per say, the article would have read "Hackett was the only one who showed up last night stopping 35 shots". Just my observation as how things have changed and the perspective of peoples opinions on Darcy. I have always been a fan of him. Now that he finally gets ice time he can thrive and show his real talent. Second in the league for goalies is no fluke. Look at the top 5 goalies, 4 of the others which are on top teams in the league while lets face it Houston is not ontop of the standings (injury bug can be to blame too). Seems every league Darcy has played in he is near the top when I looked back at his WHL, ECHL and now AHL stats.
The intensity last night for the first 10 minutes was all the Hogs and those first 10 mins could have easily changed the outcome and momentum of the game if they were able to score. Luckily we were able to capitalize on their bad turnovers and the Hogs didnt capitalize on ours. Great game and both goalies played excellent. No fault on the Icehogs goalie whatsoever.

Forecheck said...

BTW, for the weekend Kampfer was +4 with 9 SOG.