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Monday, February 4, 2013

Wild trade Nick Palmieri to NY Rangers

Just a quick note here to let everyone know that Nick Palmieri was traded along with Darroll Powe of the Wild to the NY Rangers for Mike Rupp.

It was only a matter of time for Palmieri, who wore out his welcome last month when he refused to report to the Aeros after the Wild cut him following training camp.

In his last 11 games, Palmieri scored just one goal, added one assist and was virtually invisible until a few games ago.

Really, this is for the best for the organization, but the team is really hurting for bodies right now. Still lots of guys injured, and the comment from head coach John Torchetti is that there's no timetable for their return.

We'll see how it affects the lines tonight.


Anonymous said...

Whisper sources within the Aeros organization now suggest that Des Moines (Wells Fargo Arena...15,000 hockey seats) would be the most probable 2013-4 relocation site for the Team, in the event that Mr. Alexander fails to renew the TC Lease.

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

DSM continues to be the front-runner, yes, in the event they are not able to work out a lease in Houston.

n0e11e said...

i don't even care what the wild got for him, i'm just glad he's gone. asshole.

Anonymous said...

Deja vu if this isn't last year repeating itself and with no timetable on the return of the injured it seems the Aeros last year in Houston won't be a memorable one.
A roster half filled with echl players won't get very far.

Joe said...

Palmeiri was totally lackluster in this past weekend's games.

Friday night he seemed in la-la land.

Sunday night I did see him throw one check, and he made a couple of centering passes. Probably more out of habit than actually trying to accomplish something. No shots on goal that I recall.

Sad really. The Palmeiri, McIntyre and Fontaine line had something good going on about a month ago.

Anonymous said...

Well even without a good roster hopefully Kuemper can pull through with another 30+ saves or shutout. Also as long as the team avoids stupid turn overs the game will be a good one tonight!

Sure has amazing numbers and been playing real good the last 5 straight (except one weak goal, but can't always be exceptional).

Forecheck said...

Ayh yah yah - what's going to happen next? Nothing good it sounds.

Forecheck said...

What the Wild and Jim mill in particular need to answer is why, with all the bodies down here, they did not sign Jed Ortmyer a few days ago before the Rampage (another team that had let Orts go previously).

Just more fuel to the fire for the case that the Wild could care less what happens in Houston (unless a prospective head coach for next season is coaching here).

Anonymous said...

I'd like to hear some opinions about our goalie situation, especially after the game against the Rampage.

Anonymous said...

Lets look at the demographics of des moines. from the US Census

Population, 2011 estimate
State of Iowa 3,064,097.

This is a market that the whole state barely reaches the Half the population of Houston( 6 million Metro). Do the math for attendance.

ICEVET said...

@ Anon...."Demograhics of Iowa"

Apparently, you haven't done your homework or just don't get it.

First, the Wells Fargo Arena (15,100 hockey seats) is available and has had over 12,000 fans attend hockey games in the past (Iowa Chops...franchise later sold to the Texas Stars) on promotional nights. Average attendance at the Chops games was nearly 5,000.

Further, "whisper news" inside the Aeros organization is that Des Moines is first choice on relocation. Mr. Ferraro has confirmed this, previously.

Finally, the Aeros are being "pushed out" of Houston by Mr. Alexander (first call on any future NHL franchise in Houston) who wants to clear the decks before he makes the next move. The Aeros simply have no bargaining chips with Mr. Alexander.