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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Aeros blanked in Grand Rapids, lose first game of trip

Not much to report on today.
The Aeros lost the first of their eight-game road trip Wednesday night in Grand Rapids.

No goals, and really the only thing of note is another stellar job by rookie goalie Darcy Kuemper. The single goal he allowed (the other was an empty netter) was soft, but Heather always tells me that backhanders are unpredictable, so I will reluctantly call it a good shot.

Also, four defensemen (Mara, Medvec, Kampfer and Genoway combined for 12 of the teams 28 shots.) I like that number, but the forwards have to figure out how to get better positioned for rebounds.

Even though they won the game last Sunday, they could have blown out the IceHogs with better positioning in the slot areas and not always running into each other behind the net. I really believe this is a case of a lot of the new players still getting to know what to do, so no total need to panic just yet.

Here is a recap from the Grand Rapids newspaper, and the "highlights" are included below for your convenience.


Anonymous said...

I can buy the new players adjusting somewhat but there are a few that for some reason haven't contributed to their capabilities or perceived potential.
Sure would be nice for once if the team showed up for the first period.
Can't expect the goalies to pitch a shutout every game.

Forecheck said...

Well, it looks like the guys got mad and beat-up the nearly helpless Milwaukee Dead Pirates (sorry, but I never understood that horrible logo). Hackett actually wins a game for a change.

Anonymous said...

Maybe that will give them some confidence going into tonight.
Another body out (McDonald) but possibly Petersen returning.
Didn't see the game but listening to the broadcast Hackett received lots of help as he seems to be in the let's keep the net empty mode.
Sorry but I hope Darcy is in tonight.

Forecheck said...

Another body out (McDonald)


Anonymous said...

A call up from ECHL (his second game).
Also Bulmer is hurt again too

Anonymous said...

I am surprised no one is talking about the lease. I am waiting to see when they start trying to reup the season ticket holders for next season. I would hope there is no news because they assume it is going to get done so no worries because if all of a sudden they leave its going to be bad pr.

Ms. Conduct said...

I doubt anything happens until after the NBA ASG, which is at the TC.

ICEVET said...

From 20,000 feet looking down.....

The Sunshine Kid continues to OUTPERFORM with another Shutout (his 4th in 15 starts) in the Aeros win, tonight, over Rockford....now ranked as No. 2 AHL netminder.

Anonymous said...

They had some good defense also.
We might have a chance if we should start get some bodies back (10 on the injured list I believe).
Sure hope we have no callups until we get some bodies back.

Forecheck said...

Wait a minute, this couldn't be the same team we saw Monday night at the TC. That team was AWFUL. Perhaps the real Aeros decided on taking a day off to recover from the Superbowl party and recruited a local rec league team to play? Kind of like the IT guy who outsourced his own job to China?

On the lease front, remember the last lease wasn't signed until about two weeks after the Aeros season ended, although an agreement in principle was announced a few weeks earlier.

I doubt the lockout helped Le$'$ timming either, assuming one scenario he was looking at was buying an NHL team (or an AHL team, or even the Aeros).

Also, the AHL could get involved in this too,, as they probably would like to keep a team in Houston, one of their better attended venues and a city which provides bus travel for three other franchises. That could involve being involved with the negotiations between the Wild and Le$, or if worse comes to worst enticing an Eastern franchise here.

ICEVET said...

@ Forecheck:

Affirmative.....the same team you and I saw play against the Rampage (and our old friend, Jed Ortmeyer) BUT with a different uniform (No 35 Matt Hackett) in Net.....Goalies have always made a HUGE difference to the momentum and outcome of any hockey game!

With regard to the "lease", there are many permutations of combinations which could determine where the Aeros play next season. Wishful thinking belies the fact that Mr. Alexander will do what is best for Mr. Alexander....and, to be sure, this does NOT favor the Aeros remaining in Houston.