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Monday, February 4, 2013

Aeros kinda whooped by Rampage, 5-2

The Aeros' only Monday night game this season sure felt every bit like it was a Monday. Starting the day off losing Palmieri's offensive punch, also losing Bagnall to injury (after just 2 games back), and then adding New Guys #3 and #4 to a line-up that already doesn't know which way is up half the time.

Oh and then bring back Jed Ortmeyer on the OTHER team and have him score 2, including the game winner, on a "gift-wrapped" goal

Fuck you very much, Monday.

Torchetti was even-keeled about the state of his team, however, saying he was proud of the battle the guys showed, pressuring well to the end of the game, making some adjustments on the PP that helped, and generally getting some good chances.

I got the feeling he wasn't too happy with Hackett's performance (or at least he made a face when I asked about him that I've never seen him make before). I don't think it's because there were a lot of bad goals but because the one really bad one was the turning point of the game, and the game winner.

"Goaltending is going to have to carry us," he told us after the game, and I don't know about you guys, but that's a little worrisome. Not a lot, but a little. I just don't think the Aeros have the maturity in net right now (and I mean that in terms of just straight up experience weathering the storm as a pro) to really pull that off.

Torchetti said, "It's going to come down to the last week." He said he can just feel it happening, and it's hard to argue. The Aeros are just keeping afloat, really.

I think a road trip will help, though. And after this weekend, they'll have much of a week at home to practice, with no travel and no games. That is something they sorely need if the new guys are sticking around for a while, so they can get up to speed.

Here's hoping most of you got your fill of hockey this weekend. They don't play at home again until Feb. 23. Then they're off again until March 14 (vs. Brusty's Abbotsford, so you know that's circled in a big red heart on my calendar).

I'm told I still have to pay attention to them while they're on the road, so I'll try not to be a huge slacker on here, but it probably won't work and I'll just hope Andrew posts a bunch. Enjoy your February, everybody!


Forecheck said...

This game was essentially a re-reun:

1)Find out we lose two guys.

2) See two guys I’ve never heard of before skating in Aeros sweaters. Make that about 22 guys by now.

3)Horrible AHL caliber officiating.
4)The Aeros can’t muster much of anything offensively.

5)Kampfer stinks up the ice defensively.

6)When someone does, there is nobody to follow up.

7)Hackett is both terrific and terrible in the same game.

8)The fans get bored to death during the middle 45 minutes of the game. Except for the ones that just want to get their picture on the big screen so they can behave like an idiot on it.

9)Ortmeyer leads a team to victory (unfortunately not theAeros this time).

10)There is no sense of urgency or desperation until it is too late.

We’ve seen this way too many times in the past two years.

This is more urgent this season, because this is not how I want to remember them if they leave Houston for Des Moines or Minneapolis (or somewhere else) next season. But it will be burnt in all of our minds that the Houston Aeros died with a whimper and not a bang.

As much as I hate to admit it, maybe we will be better off in the long run getting another team in here even if it means going dark a season or two. Being the Minnesota Wild’s affiliate just isn’t working out most seasons. I don’t know if their system causes all the injuries or the players they draft are injury prone, but this is beyond random misfortune. And the parent club just doesn’t seem to care about the farm. Remember the “at least we thought they would play together” comment of a few seasons ago? That was definitely a team meant to fail.

Maybe more later when I calm down.

Anonymous said...

Last night was a nightmare all the way around. I felt for the new guys who tried, but seemed lost, which is understandable. Hackett's body language shouted, "I don't want to be here." Coach seemed really upset with the officiating and one of the refs told him if he didn't shut up he'd be tossed out of the game. Good for Orts! He should be here, not there.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree on the view of Hackett.
His stock has dropped considerably; however there is no one to replace him with currently.
Any scoring has to be from the top two lines and noticed their shifts were more frequent which is a recipe for further injuries.
A sign of how this team has deteriorated depth wise is Kampfer's amount of ice team.
He's a total liability.
Looks like the swan song of the Aeros in Houston will be a memorable one but not the way we wanted.
Management erred big time by not loosening the purse strings and keep at least one or tow of the stabilizing vets (DiSalvatore, Taffe, Ortmeyer or Paters)

Forecheck said...

Oops - typo

6) When someone does start to generate something, there is nobody to follow up - nobody to get the rebound or nonody in the goalie's face.

Anonymous said...

It was hard to watch our guys keep having to retrieve all those cleared pucks in the 1st period