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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Becoming Wild: Part 1 - "Mike Yeo is a badass"

What words of wisdom did Mike Yeo have for the Aeros when they were down 3-0 to Milwaukee in game 6 of the division championship series?

Well, now you can find out. Check out the first episode of the "Becoming Wild" series that is documenting the Wild's offseason and starts with the Aeros playoff run.

It's basically "Mike Yeo 101: For Wild Fans" but for Aeros fans, it's just neat to relive a little of that amazing playoff run.

You can go here: http://wild.com/becomingwild to see all the episodes and see when the next ones are showing.


Forecheck said...

Is Yeo also a Honey Badger?

The show also is showimg up on my DirecTV listing on FSSNo.

RoyalFin said...

Hey I thought I noticed John Royal!!!!

Forecheck said...

I recorded it last night and watched it this evening. Not only is Yeo a honey badger, but when talks when he's mad he can cause a sailor to blush...

Anonymous said...

How about a breakdown of the freshly released AHL schedule matrix? Many other teams have released their season opponents list with the amount of home/away games per opponent. Complete schedule is due to be released in early August.