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Monday, September 27, 2010

Welcome to Hockey Season, AHL style

Aeros start camp today with testing and physicals in the morning and then hitting the ice at 3 p.m. I find it interesting that they're on the ice today, as it seems like most camps don't hit the ice until day 2.

But I like it. This team needs a jump start and I'm guessing the guys won't mind it either. Maybe helps to knock some nerves back to just rip that bandaid off and get out there with the guys you're competing against for a job.

The first round of Wild cuts came last week, sending down LW Brandon Buck, RW Jarod Palmer, RW Joel Broda, RW Jean-Michel Daoust and G Josh Tordjman to join the tryouts on the training camp roster in Houston.

But today, the big cuts come as the team whittles down to the crew that will mostly be together until the end of training camp and into Finland.

Before we get to those names, though, an update on the goaltending situation: Apparently, Khudobin is not the shoo-in we first thought he would be. Wild GM Chuck Fletcher has not committed to making Anton the #2 and has made noises like he might pick up a free agent with more NHL experience to back up Backstrom.

That's disappointing for Anton, though. I would guess his latter-half inconsistency last season is a good chunk of where their reservations are coming from, and rightly so. He let in too many untimely goals in the AHL and you just can't do that in the NHL or you're the next Vesa Toskala (which, BTW, is a name Fletcher threw out there, along with Jose Theodore. Wouldn't THAT be fun?)

We'll keep you posted on that front as the Wild continues to evaluate and make decisions between the pipes.

Okay, here's your list of guys who are having a crappy day today:

Robbie Earl*
Petr Kalus*
Warren Peters*
Jon DiSalvatore*
Colton Gillies (who Russo reports is "pumped")
Cody Almond
Chad Rau
Carson McMillan

Tyler Cuma
Max Noreau
Nate Prosser
Jared Spurgeon
Jamie Fraser

Matt Hackett

*These guys are on waivers for the purposes of being sent down. Will know tomorrow if they've cleared.

A few who have managed to hang on for at least a bit longer are Kassian, Wellman (though I think he's going to stick out of camp), Bagnall, Falk, and Scandella. These guys might get a sweet first class trip to Finland at the end of the week even if they don't make the final roster, so congrats to them.

Anyway, welcome to Houston, fellas. It's not that bad. Flip-flops in the winter, yo! It's gonna be great. Just ask Colton!

(Thanks to Russo and his killer tweeting and blog today for the updates.)


artandhockey said...

Big Disappointment for AK and, IMO, Max Noreau. Young Scandella (no Crosby by any means)is lucky getting his chance already, while MN (at same age?) has worked his .... off, through lots pain and aches!
Kassian's chances up there-that IS good. We'll have us a BOOgaard down here by all accounts :-)!
I can - sort of - see the reason for older experienced goalies, BUT that would be almost a
Backstrom clone'?
Ah well, what do I know about goalies!

Forecheck said...


What? You mean they don't want to come down here and get to know us? How rude!

Friend said...

I hope they come back ok. I've heard about polar bears and KGB spies roaming the streets of Finland even at daylight.