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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Meet your 2010-11 Aeros: Petr Kalus

Petr Kalus

Born: June 29, 1987 (23)
Ostrava, TCH
6'1" - 212

Right Wing
Shoots: Left

Kalus used to be a source of much frustration, both for Aeros fans and Wild fans who hoped to see him move up and help in Minnesota. His first season with Houston in 07-08, while high energy and gritty, was unfocused and ineffective. He was a ball of chaos.

Then, after not making the Wild in 08-09, he bailed for Russia where he played a mere 17 games and maybe gained some perspective and maturity. He definitely came back last season with a more mature attitude and with the same energy but more ... tame?

Either way, he turned his energy and grit into an asset and was fun to watch. I even missed him when he was up with Minnesota, and that surprised me. I'm eager to see continued growth this season, hopefully some more pucks in the net (23 points last season), but even if he's destined for a energy/checking role, he's got the temperament for it and that's okay.

He's only 23 and I think we've seen distinct growth in the last 3 years. Plenty of time for Petr to find his stride. Looking forward to continued progress from him this season.


artandhockey said...

A fighter he is NOT.
Guess he tried to be grittier to match KC's system...
But he can skate and really steamrollers up the ice :-)!

Forecheck said...

A fighter, no, ARTS.... but I was pleasantly suprised last season to see him actually HIT some people on the ice.

"Hit somebody!" is what the crowd roared.....no, not quite yet.

B2Bomber said...

Petr was quite a (pleasant)surprise last year. He skated with purpose.

Off topic but Patrick O'Sullivan signed with the Hurricanes:

Circulartheory said...

I guess I'm a bitter person but I still do not like him for the fact he left for Russia (and failed, to my pleasure)

But finally the Wild have some competition through the organization that Kalus will not have a free ride, and if he does make it to the pro roster, it'll tell me he's working hard and I just might change my opinion of him...