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Friday, September 17, 2010

Meet your 2010-11 Aeros: Josh Tordjman


Born: January 11, 1985
Montreal, Quebec
6'1" -- 155 lbs

Catches Left

Other side...
The rule when writing about goalies is that they're going to make you look like an idiot as soon as you publish a piece on them. If they're playing well and you write about it, they'll start sieving it up. If they're playing poorly and you write about it, suddenly they're Patrick Roy.

Apparently this holds up in the off-season as no sooner had I written a piece for a goalie scouting report about how Tordjman hadn't been picked up this off-season and how bizarre that is, the Aeros signed him.

But the benefits of the move for the team and organization outweigh the annoyance at making me look painfully out of the loop. Mostly. Kinda. Hmph.

Anyway, we all know Tordjman from his seasons in the Phoenix system with San Antonio. He's a solid tender you can count on to put up a good fight. He's reliable, steady, and kabob skewer skinny, so I'm in constant fear of him snapping like a twig, but I guess he's held up better than a lot of other goalies having played significant minutes throughout his pro career.

I think a lot of folks were a little puzzled by the move. With Khudobin and Hackett already slated for Houston, why do they need another one? Essentially, he provides insurance and competition. The team could still look to trade Harding, which would pull Khudobin up to the Wild, and you can't leave an AHL team with a rookie tender and an emergency backup between the pipes.

So for a spell, either Hackett or Tordjman will be in the ECHL until someone gets hurt, traded, etc.It's a lot like Brusty's situation last season, except I think this time, it's a more calculated abundance of tendies where guys are coming into the season with expectations appropriately set. But even better is the competition he provides. It's good to have two goalies pushing each other. It's great to have 3 trying desperately to earn their spot in the AHL. We will see their very best and I think the Aeros are going to need that this season.


artandhockey said...

Good explanation of the why!

Hackett seems to have done very well up North during the pre-season from all I've read, and we all know firsthand how well the youngster, Kuemper, acquitted
himself under extensive pressure during the 'lost' weeks of last season.

Tordjman will be the 'old hand' now, and he will probably be expected to mentor the two youngsters since he seems a fairly reliable goalie, not an epic one, not an awful one, just doing his job sturdily. Of course everyone could have 'bad' hair days and that should not be held against them, at least when one thinks before acting the mad fan :-)!

Hmm... not be unkind to the 2 entrenched Wild goalies, but Anton really deserves a shot at NHL level, where, one hopes he will be more consistent, which hew as down here, when he played regularly and not being shipped back and forth to - just sit as BUG!

Forecheck said...

I would think Hackett might start in the ECHL to get some playing time and adjust to pro hockey on and off the ice.

Once Anton goes up because of injury or Harding being (finally) traded, Hackett comes up.