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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wild signs JM Daoust to first NHL contract

I was just about to shut Twitter down for the night when this little number popped across my feed:

Here's the link. It's a one year, two-way deal and a pretty nice salary for the AHL. Plus, it's a really big deal for him to get that first NHL contract. Remember that NHL teams can only carry 50 contracts, so it's gotta feel good for him to reach that milestone in his career.

Daoust had a Beaudoin-like season, surprising everyone with his game-changing ability, but frankly, did it with a lot less talent around him. You have to love a guy who can bring energy AND scoring so consistently and stay healthy while being so small and slippery, yet playing a physical game.

He was one of only a couple of guys I was pretty sure would be back, because he wasn't SO amazing that his price was going to be through the rafters, but he certainly proved his value last season. And on that note, I'll have a post for you, hopefully this weekend, on the forward situation for next season. Who's back for sure, who isn't, etc.


B2Bomber said...

Daoust always playe with a lot of energy. Are there any rumblings on Constantine's replacement?

CatTrick said...

Great news. I'm looking forward to seeing J-M again next season.


Forecheck said...

What? Mother Minny re-signed someone who is ..... good?

B2Bomber said...

Off topic here but has anyone been able to get onto the Instigator Alley site? I haven't been able to get the page to come up for quite some time.

Forecheck said...

@B2 - Database probably trashed, shoot the admin, the Great Grego, an email.

artandhockey said...

I feel vindicated... said from Day One that The Scrapper - Daoust is a keeper ;-)!
Compared to Beaudoin (however much I liked the guy), Daoust is a feistier and more agressive player!

artandhockey said...

so now that we have Daoust, I fervently hope RAU-WOW will be resigned as well..which would make that one third of a successful line, and to fill that out a HEALTHY "Handy Andy Hilbert would be a good choice as I mentioned in one of my previous posts...IF that happens call me Sybil ;-)!