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Friday, May 14, 2010

Cull applied for Aeros head coaching job

Former Aeros defenseman Trent Cull was one of the brightest players I worked with as a young intern and reporter for the Houston Aeros. He had three stints with the team, playing for Dave Tippett in the AHL days and Todd McLellan later in the AHL. Yeah, we all know how things turned out for those guys. McLellan is eight wins away from his first Stanley Cup and Tippett has done some very good things with the Dallas Stars and Phoenix Coyotes in his NHL career.

According to this article, Cull applied for the Aeros job and took the first one that came along when the Sudbury Wolves (OHL) came calling.

As far as an update is concerned regarding the head coach, I think we will all know something when the playoffs end. There are a good number of names out there and competition, I assume, is quite fierce for this position. I don't think that Todd Richards is going to get the kind of honeymoon that Mr. Lemaire got in St. Paul. The next coach of the Aeros, I expect, will be the next coach of the Wild.

That is my take ... who would you like to see coaching the Aeros next season?


Forecheck said...

Tip missed the playoffs last year. That's probably why he was canned.

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

Thanks for pointing out that oversight ... I will correct that in the body of the blog.