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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rau signs 2-year, 2-way NHL deal with Wild

I don't think we ever posted about this, so if you haven't heard, the Wild finally put ink to paper on a deal with Chad Rau, who will be entering his second pro season.

It's a 2-year deal, two ways both years and, like Daoust, it's his first NHL deal. And he's buying dinner this summer because it includes a nice little signing bonus. I'll have the filet, thanks, Chad!

For my money, he's the last of the "must-haves" from last year's free agents, but I think he's a kid with some decent upside, so a 2 year deal is great as we see if he can turn those 38 points into 50 as his consistency as a pro improves.

Here's a nice little article about his signing from the Wild web site.

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artandhockey said...

It helps being a MN native .. but joke aside, I've felt he has it in him, once he gets used to the 'system', even though he is less agressive than f.i. Daoust, he still played rather well.
Happy for him .. The "Prince Of Eden" Chad may just be back a bit more here!