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Monday, March 11, 2013

Strong third period nets 30th win of the season in Charlotte

The Aeros joined the 30-win club with a 5-2 win over the Charlotte Checkers Sunday at Time Warner Cable Arena. After blowing a 2-0 lead in the second period, the Aeros had the stronger legs, Charlotte lost a few bodies due to injury, and Jake Dowell took over to lead the Aeros past the Checkers.

Charlotte Checkers Photo
Some guy you never heard of played goalie for the Aeros, and some guy you never heard of backed him up because the Aeros third string goalie - John Curry - got hurt in the shootout Saturday night.

Mike Russo of the Star-Tribune had the scoop on the situation, so this is plucked right from his blog to help catch you up to speed:

"I mentioned this in the notebook, but after scrambling to get a half-dozen goalies into Houston’s lineup last season, Aeros General Manager Jim Mill is once again scouring the depth charts.

Both of Houston’s goalies are in Minnesota: Matt Hackett and now-injured Darcy Kuemper. So naturally, on the first day of Hackett’s recall, Shorewood native John Curry was injured in a shootout at Charlotte.

In Sunday’s rematch, Cody Reichard, picked up from ECHL Stockton, backstopped the Aeros to a 5-2 victory, while Mill signed ECHL South Carolina’s Jeff Jakaitis, a former Rochester Mayo standout, to a professional tryout to back up. He is the Aeros’ fifth goalie of the year. The Aeros are fifth in the AHL West.

'Just when you think you have the depth and have it figured out, a goalie goes down in a shootout?” Mill said. “So you get the list out, start making calls to get a goalie into to Charlotte for a 3:00 pm game and oh yea we lose an hour - Daylight savings time!'"

Incredible, isn't it?

Well, if you have been a Aeros fan for more than five minutes, you're not surprised. It happened last year, and the team still managed to sneak into the playoffs as the No. 8 seed.

Speaking of which, the standings are getting a lot tighter because a lot of the lower seeds have gone on some nice little runs lately. Here is a link to the AHL's playoff primer, which, I think, is a wonderful tool for AHL fans and media.

While the Aeros are currently fifth in the standings and have a nice, 10-game homestand coming up, they only play two games for the third week in a row. This is the week that a lot of teams will catch up in games played, so unless the Aeros win both of their games this week, they could drop a few spots.

That's all I got for now; See you at the rink on Thursday.


Forecheck said...

The guys are playing really solid D right now, which is covering up for lack of experience in net. THe PK is getting good, too.

This differs from earlier in the season, when the goaltending was having to make up for horrendous defense.

If we can get one of our goalies back, the Aeros should move up a little before the playoffs start. And it's defense and goaltending that more often than not wins playoff games.

I wouldn't think "deep run" though unless the offense - - and the awful PP - - does improve some.

Forecheck said...

I would have added the following, had my brain not been fried by seven hours of software training today.

Going in to this weekend, you were probably like me thinking the Aeros would be lucky to get a point this weekend. Instead, they got three and were it not for a horrendous call they would most likely had four. It just goes to show that in this sport, things are not always the way they seem on the surface. Things are often quite complicated and we don't see 90%+ of what is going on.

Forecheck said...

Is there any way to keep the video from playing automatically? Hurts my bandwidth.