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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Five of Six Ain't Bad

Not a bad weekend for the boys in the bomber jerseys, eh? A really tough 3 in 3 with a middle travel day and still earning 5 out of 6 points.

What's more, they earned them in all the right places. I think if there's game where they could afford to drop a point, it was probably this game tonight against the Amerks. Or maybe it just feels that way because I enjoy beating OKC so much more. :)

Either way, it was a big weekend and as Coach Torchetti said, if someone had offered him 5 of 6 he would have signed right on the dotted line.

What was interesting to me is that Torchetti has been harping on penalties the last few games, but tonight, I thought they were pretty disciplined, which is sometimes one of the first things to go when you're tired.

By pointing that out, I'm saying what I suppose is obvious: This team has got it going on. They had every right to be sluggish and sloppy (and they were at times) but instead, they put 40 shots on Leggio (who was playing his 54th game of the season... what an ironman!)

Seems to me this team is peaking at just the right time and powering ahead in the standings points. Just this weekend alone has been pretty impressive to watch.

Tonight in particular, goals from Rau and Phillips (who is red hot right now with 4 goals in 8 games) and a great game from Cody Reichard in net for just his second AHL game, really showed how well this team weathers a storm. And what are playoffs if not the biggest storm of the year?

(Also, have to mention two REALLY nice shootout goals by Granlund and, particularly, Fontaine. I'm still sort of angry at Fontaine for his, purely from a goalie perspective. It was as nasty as they come.)

The big home stand continues Tuesday night with the Stars and Grand Rapids on Friday. Keep Calm and Hockey On, folks.


Forecheck said...

And kudos to Torch for giving it to Koho after Fonzie(?) was interfered with near the end of overtime. Not to mention missing two hooks on shorthanded breakaways earler. That big screen makes reading lips very,very easy. Hopefully, you kids weren't looking at it.

Tuesday will be a huge test against what is arguably the Calder favorite.

BTW, Joe, "Celina", OH is pronounced with a long "i".

Anonymous said...

Thrilled with the way things are headed (mostly).
it's refreshing to see the callups due to playing time rather than dire necessity.
only wishlist is that Brian Connelly could just show a spark of playing defense.
Go Aeros

Forecheck said...

Any truth to the rumor that Zucker was sent down this morning?

Anonymous said...

to forecheck from anon:

zucker and hackett were sent down with dowell and kuemper sent up.
the reason given was to allow for playing time in both

Forecheck said...

I assume we will see at least one more goalie swap. Also, Hards is starting to practice again. Rehab assignment? I dunno, he went into an attitude last time he was sent down.

Markb said...

So bittersweet to watch this right now, with the lease unresolved.

Forecheck said...

Hang in there, Markb - the current lease was signed after the regular season ended.

B2 said...

...but at least the last time they signed the lease after the regular season ended the Aeros were advertising to renew season tickets this time of the year. I've noticed there hasn't been a single promo on renewing season tickets nor has there been any call from my ticket rep as of yet. A bit forboding I think.

Forecheck said...

True, season is also ending later.

Anonymous said...

Guess Hackett wasn't into the shift back to Htown 7 goals? My ticket agent says he hasn't heard anything about season ticket renewals or next season at all.

Forecheck said...

I'll post more when Andrew or someone does a write-up of tonight's game with the Stars, but I'm afraid we might have a "Hackett Attitude" to deal with again. He almost worked up a sweat on some of those goals.

Anonymous said...

Another great game that any team should win with six goals..Please give us Darcy back. We know he should be in Minny but I think he will be back by the weekend for Jeff will have convinced them Matt is ready and the number one.

Anonymous said...

I can sense Darcy on the trading block. I feel the writing is on the wall. This is such a shame.