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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy New Year, Aeros fans!

Well, it's not quite the end of 2012, but the Aeros are done until 2013 when they host the OKC Barons at 5:05 at Toyota Center.

After a two-game skid entering the Christmas break, the Aeros played three games and took five of a possible six points against Texas, Charlotte and San Antonio. Mikael Granlund scored a 5-on-3 goal to salvage a point Saturday at the AT&T Center. Dov Grumet-Morris was named the No. 1 star of the game and Greg Rallo converted a bad (luck)
rebound in OT for the winner.

Matt Hackett was great, and helped kill off a 5-on-3 of his own to help get the big point on the road. Jon Sim scored in regulation for the Rampage, and it was a pretty goal, too. Nice work by the Rampage on the power play, and Hack just didn't have a chance.

The Aeros will start a four-game week Tuesday against the Barons, and then they'll play a three in three next weekend against the Rampage and Stars twice.

It would be nice for the Aeros to get three wins in the four games, but I will take 5 of 8 points as a success against this schedule. OKC has the offense, Texas is great on the defensive side and the Rampage have won two of three and, like the Aeros, have points in three straight games.


Forecheck said...

Five out of six is great in anybody 's book , but we also gave up four to the division. Thus, not much gain

Anybody else think this team looks tired already? Maybe too few nights off due to the injury situation?

ICEVET said...

Should the WILD training camp start on January 12, with the first game on January 19 (assuming that the NHLPA and NHLY will reach a settlement within the next 7 days to save the 48-game season), the Granlund Line could be relocated shortly thereafter....as the 4th line for the WILD.

Aeros fans can only hope that the WILD will be reasonable in their recall decision(s) and not gut the Aeros offensive talent.

Go Aeros!

Forecheck said...

Aeros fans can only hope that the WILD will be reasonable in their recall decision(s) and not gut the Aeros offensive talent.

Since when have the Wild ever been "reasonable" about not gutting the Aeros?

Joe said...

Not sure if losing the young forwards is more scary than losing some of our defensemen. Scandella hasn't been quite up to snuff, but still fairly solid. However, if we lose Genoway...WOW. In my opinion, he is the most solid of all of the Aeros. And he is our only defensemen that knows how to play offense. Last game alone I felt he was the only one worth a darn. From my point of view, he is another Spurgeon. But better.

Also, like Torch said during the pre-game commentary with Aero Joe. These young guys need to learn it's not all offense. The NHL wants an all around solid player. Our young forwards +/- isn't looking too good. They need some time to mature. They need to follow McIntyre's example with a +15.

Ms. Conduct said...

I wouldn't worry about losing Geno. Scandella yes, Brodin (after a rehab stint), perhaps. Not room for more after that, short of injuries. Honestly, across the board, there just aren't many spots for Aeros to move up to. Might lose some while a handful battle for a spot during camp, but that's a week and all the AHL teams will have the same thing happening.

Anonymous said...

I'm really surprised there was no posting about the win over Charlotte on the 28th...nor was there anything about the Rampage game on the 29th. I would like to know your thoughts, especially on the Charlotte game. Were the Aeros good or was Charlotte not so good? Are you all not going to comment on all the games this season?

John Royal said...

Sorry. Life interferes sometimes. I'll try to do better.

Ms. Conduct said...

Well, obviously John doesn't deserve all the blame, or even much of it. Just a general lack of staffing for T3I this season, with real life/work/family keeping John and Drew away more than before and me just not having anything left after my deadlines. Drew was a pro and could knock out a game story AND a View from the Press Box, but in my rookieness, I'm just so relieved to file my story and stop stressing about it, I can barely remember the way home much less to write another story for T3I. :)

Thanks for hanging in there though. Hopefully we'll be able to muster a little steadier coverage here as foozball season wraps up.