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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Aeros lose 3-2, crushed by hot goalie

Weird game tonight in that I went down expecting hellfire and brimstone from Torchetti and he looked at me (oh so briefly) like I had three heads when I asked the first question along the lines of, "Yuck, what was that?"

Awesome for me that ALL of my questions were along those lines.

He said, instead, that apart from the lousy defensive play by a certain unnamed forward that led to that third goal against  (the breakaway), he was happy with the Aeros' game.

He gave big props to Mike McKenna, the Peoria goalie, for playing an outstanding game (so true, I was blown away, even though I knew Mike was a good goalie), and basically shutting the door on a lot of good chances by the Aeros.

The loss halted a 6-game win streak for Houston and if they'd won tonight, that would have been the first 7 game win streak since Feb-Mar of 2008. He said he was very disappointed to see the streak end on a goal like that. And poor Hackett... he had that thing but when an opponent can stand there and pound on the puck and your pad without your defense getting all up in his business, that's probably going in. Really sucks for him.

Coach said he felt like they should have lost Friday, but they won. And they should have won tonight but they lost. "This is how losing streaks start."

My contention, though, is that the Aeros ALWAYS lose before the big autograph signing thing each year, which was tonight. If Peoria hadn't had such a bad record, I would have thought there's no way the Aeros would lose. Rested, but not rusty. Most guys pretty healthy. But McKenna + Autograph Session spelled doom.

And of course, the teams are rarely themselves for these morning games, so that should be a fun one on Tuesday. San Antonio is kinda hot right now, too, so this really could be how losing streaks start.

BTW, for those who have been wondering what's wrong with Scandella... I thought he played a really intense game tonight. Agree? Disagree? And also, are you as surprised as I was that Torchetti was happy with the way they played (for the most part)? Glad I had the dogs to lead my story with so it didn't totally wreck what I'd written. :)


Anonymous said...

Timing was ripe for a jump into first place. All the ingredients for this not to be were in place. Aforementioned autograph session and a game against a last place team that had played the night before.
Agree on Scandella one of the best games he has played in awhile. I thought too much singular play and passing for the most part needs vast improvement. Peoria didn't have to work very hard for any of their three goals.
Hope the predictions aren't correct as again we always seem to loose the kid's game.
After that comes a very tough 3 in 3.

Forecheck said...

Torch was pleased with this game? You have to be kidding!

After 5:40 of the first, they SUCKED! They quit playing, especially on defense. For example, on the second goal, two defenders stood around and watched the scorer score rather than planting him on the ice.

I thought this might be a trap game – a long win streak by the Aeros, opponents down on their luck, Aeros off the previous night, opponents playing, event afterwards. As any serious Aeros fan knows (to borrow a phrase from someone), historically this has not been in the Aeros’ favor!

After the first goal, it looked a little too much like a re-run of an October or early November game. No defense, missing offensive opportunities (Palmeri x2), passing primarily to the other team, and no sense of desperation until it is too late
Of course, it doesn’t help if the so-called ref fails to call numerous stick fouls and interferences by the team in Blue.

Hopefully we will see a different Aeros team Tuesday night,er , uh, morning – or should I see the lucky few who can actually go thanks to the AHL scheduling department.

alw02 said...

Scandella did inprove throughout the game, but he needs to stop passing to the other team. His passes have a way of catching the other Aeros by surprise and often are the beginning of a scoring push.

I thought that after the first 10 minutes that the team was being driven out of their deep penetration system with all the interference and hold, tripping etc. They did not adjust and kept trying to throw the puck and then to be denied the ability to get to it.

Anonymous said...

Sure didn't look like the same team that played and beat OKC at home a week ago.

What started the fracas at the goal when Hackett was attacked? Guess there wasn't a replay because it wasn't caught on camera.

Ms. Conduct said...

My guess is, there was video of it from the "over the net" cam, but it wasn't particularly favorable for the Aeros goalie. :)

View from afar said...

For those who are being critical of Scandella's play, maybe a different perspective. I have now watched 4 games so my perspective might be limited but I have been involved with hockey for many years.

It can not be easy playing with Connelly as a defense partner. Connelly is totally offensive and has made some glaring errors in the defensive end. It seems he waives at an offensive player as that player goes by him. No physical play, minimal hustle, lazy skating. But he is a force on the offensive end making that break out pass and getting his shot to the net.

Scandella had to cover for his D partner multiple times in yesterday's game. That alone has to be mind boggling for the kid. At least when he was with the Wild last year, his D partner, Spurgeon, makes an attempt to use his body and play some D.

Forecheck said...

Having just seen the incident from the corner of my eye, I propose there was a little semi-accidental stick action by young Mr. Hackett.