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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Aeros win, 7-5 at San Antonio

The Aeros left the unfriendly confines of Toyota Center, went to San Antonio for their annual kids game and beat Dov Grumet-Morris seven times for a sloppy 7-5 win over the Rampage.

Good news? Aeros end four game losing streak and find some offense with three power play goals. 
Bad news? They coughed up two two-goal leads and allowed two shorties. Sickening display of defense, but after that homestand, a win is a win is a win. 

Hopefully that gives the team a little boost heading into the week of two more road games. They'll visit Rockford and will then play the IceHogs at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul. The Aeros will need to win that game to even their all-time record at the X (1-2). 

Here is the link to today's box score, and later on, I will add a highlights package for those that did not get a chance to watch the nail-biter on AHL (mostly) Live. 

Hackett made 12 saves in the 3rd period to preserve the win.

And here is four-plus minutes of highlights from today's game that will make you cringe and celebrate all at the same time. No matter how you slice it up, this was a big win for the Aeros on the road. Now let's see if they can keep it going.


Anonymous said...

Agreed a win is a win.
Something really needs to be done about these guys playing defense.
they can start by swapping players with the solar bears.
Maybe when the team travels to Minnesota Mike Yeo can explain the system as apparently they are not able to comprehend it so far.
I see our goalie had another tantrum as well.

Anonymous said...

Hackett needs an attitude adjustment. Yes, sometimes the guys in front of him let him down, but he does his share of letting them down too. I'm disappointed that the coach tolerates that behavoir. It's happening way too often. Sounds like there was no obvious improvement in their play, which is very distressing.

Ms. Conduct said...

Okay, so as it was explained to me by a San Antonio writer: Play is in the Aeros end, an Aero gets hit and injured in the corner (Phillips, I believe the radio guy was saying), officials I guess assume he's faking it to get the play to stop, so no whistle. Play continues with the distraction of their teammate in pain in the corner, and San Antonio scores. That was the setup for Hack coming uncorked on the official. And frankly, this is a case in which I have ZERO issue with him throwing a fit. As I watched the highlight, I'm thinking, "WTF! BLOW THE WHISTLE!!" Absolutely ridiculous that they didn't, and the combined distress of seeing a teammate balled up in the corner obviously injured AND getting scored on? Yeah, I'd have lost my shit, too. At least for me, it's very upsetting to have a teammate injured and doubly so when the play is around them and it could easily get worse. Makes me want to cut a bitch.

And trust me, right now the rest of the Aeros are doing a lot more letting the goalies down than the goalies are doing letting the rest of the team down.

ICEVET said...

With nearly 20% of the 2012-13 season in the books, Coach Torchetti might consider having a closed-door session for the TEAM to view "The Miracle".

The iconic Herb Brooks success in leading his 1980 (Gold Medal) and 2002 (Silver Medal) Olympic squads will stand with the most inspirational achievements in USA Hockey.

Congratulations to Jason Zucker for his four point performance.

Go Aeros!

Anonymous said...

I watched that clip and wondered why the whistle didn't blow. I'll bet coach Torchetti was blowing!! Where do the refs get off ASSUMING someone is faking it? Unbelievable!

eminemilie315 said...

I took Hackett's "tantrum" exactly how Ms. Conduct described it. I don't blame Hackett for being upset either.

My biggest beef with this game is with Scandella. Around 1:55 in the clip, he poke checks, gets the puck away, and seems to forget that he needs to get full possession and clear it. Leads directly to a Ramage goal. As someone who wouldn't be in Houston if he wasn't still on his entry level contract, he needs to be playing better. Dumb mistake that ended up costing the Aero's a goal

Forecheck said...

Just got done watching this on AHLDead. All the previous comments on the defense are valid and then some. Torch just isn't getting through to these guys. He didn't last year, either. Why should anyone think the rest of the season will be any different?

Young Mr. Hackett has his second temper tamtrum in a row. At least this one didn't cost him a stick.

ICE - I'm not sure what good watching Miracle would do. Marine boot camp is more what they need. The Rampage would benefit, too. Their discipline was horrendous all around.

Anonymous said...

They have little less than two weeks for adjustments before the Heat arrive.
Kolanos and Brust (two shutouts in a row)
Would be nice not to endure another home ice disaster.

alw02 said...

A lot of talen playing average hockey. They remind me of those San Antonio teams when they first came into the league.