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Monday, July 2, 2012

Aeros sign G Mike Brodeur; Taffe, DiSalvatore sign with Hershey

The Aeros are reporting on the Twitter that they have signed goaltender Mike Brodeur to an AHL contract. Brodeur was with the team late last season to back up Matt Hackett while Darcy Kuemper was laid up from shoulder surgery.

It was apparent the team was impressed with the veteran netminder at the time, especially given how little he'd played all season (like, virtually none at all, coming off hip surgery, if I remember correctly).

Interesting tie-ins with the Wild/Aeros organization this guy has: Remember the big equipment van fire the Wild had a few years ago in Ottawa? Brodeur was the winning goalie in net for the Senators in the game the following night where much of the team was wearing borrowed or brand new gear and Wild equipment manager Tony DaCosta was wishing he'd become an accountant or something.

Then, year before last, he was with the Binghamton Senators, starting the season in Bingo backing up Robin Lehner. Then he got hurt very early and Brusty basically took his job, and then got on a roll and had that awesome season, while Brodeur sorta toiled in obscurity trying to find a toehold back into the organization and get healthy.

Then, last season, when the Wild were basically down to one NHL-contracted goalie, they unearthed Brodeur and he took the bull by the horns and impressed the right people.

Now it will be interesting to see if the organization plans on Kuemper and Hackett sharing the load in Houston or putting Kuemper in Orlando to see 40 shots a night, ECHL-style. Either way, Brodeur is great insurance for the inevitable goalie injuries that will come down the pipe this season.

(And BTW, from what I understand, he is a very very distant relation to the quite a bit more famous New Jersey Devils Brodeur, but don't quote me on it.)

UPDATE: The Hershey Bears have reportedly signed both Jeff Taffe and former Aeros Captain Jon DiSalvatore to AHL contracts. Kinda thought Sal might be back, but alas.


Anonymous said...

2 playsers have left jon disalvatore and jeff taffe what was that you were saying about AHL fish

Ms. Conduct said...

And what was that I was saying about as soon as I posted that, guys would start signing? Yeah.

Forecheck said...

Well, one of my two main fears for the off-season have been realized - our leadership is leaving. With Sal, Pete, Taffe gone, that makes Bagnall the C for now. I'm comfortable with that, he's worn it before. But it takes more than one guy to lead a team.

We might get Orts back as his NHL marketability seems pretty low right now. He would be valuable enough in the room alone.

Second fear, as mentioned previuosly, is that in the quest to get in the playoffs next year the Wild trade most-to-all the young forwards in an effort to get Rick Nash. Not that we would have seen Granlund here, but we could get one or more of Phillips, Coyle, and Larsson - - assuming they aren't traded.

Keep in mind, the Wild are one of the few teams that could afford to get Parise, Suter, AND Nash.

If this happens, the Aeros could well be reduced to an afterthought scrub team of CMLs. Hello 2006-2007.

Anonymous said...

Pray tell, why wouldn't they try harder to keep Jon? Isn't leadership, experience and a tad of consistency worth anything?

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

Taffe and Sal were signed to AHL only contracts. Their NHL careers are over and out, so why not sign with a team that will pay you more money and you have a legitimate shot at winning a title? The Bears have a shot to do that every year.

The Aeros will struggle to make the playoffs this year and they cannot offer AHL-only guys the kind of Money Hershey does.

This was a good move for guys like Sal and Taffe, who don't want to go to Europe and still want to get paid well.

Anonymous said...

I don't fault Jeff and Jon for going where the money is...that's the smart thing to do. And to a better team to boot! I wish them the best.

Why is it the Aeros (Wild) are never in a position to offer the money? It would sure be nice to know our team would "always" have a legitimate shot at the Calder Cup like the Bears and a few other elite teams.

Ms. Conduct said...

Taffe was making $200k which is a primo AHL money. Was pretty shocked by that.

Forecheck said...

Hmmm... I don't think we got our 200K worth....

B2 said...

caseyo 22Wow! Wild get Parise and Suter....wonder how that will shake up the Aero system.

n0e11e said...

any chance we'll get joe fallon back?