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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Non offensive Funny of the Day - Pun Intended

Every morning I try to read as much hockey news as possible. Without fail, this time every season produces some big laughs as far as headlines are concerned; this year is no different.

Check out this headline from a Northern Colorado paper about the signing of a new player for the Colorado Eagles. You can always tell when the interns are getting to re-write teams press releases. To be fair, we're talking about the ECHL, so many of the TV interns actually do a better job.

This is an exception:


CenterIce said...

That's funny!

Defensive man responds, "What!? It's not my fault! Leave me alone."

(Strangely, my fake quote sounds a little like former Aero Benoit Pouliot.)

Forecheck said...

What is the man so defensive about?

Word verification "dilutea" - what you get when you mix 1 gallon of good iced tea with 5 galons of water.