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Sunday, August 28, 2011


I apologize for not getting anything posted from media day/meet-in-greet on Thursday. I've been really busy at the temp job and just haven't had time to transcribe the interviews.

A few quick thoughts.

John Torchetti seemed just as eager to get started with this season as Mike Yeo did last year. I liked what I heard from him, and I really loved his attitude. I also enjoyed meeting David Burke, the new team president. I liked some of the things he said, and he said the right things about dealing with the fans. Of course, we won't know how that works until the season gets underway.

I really, really, really, really liked the third jersey the team has. Primarily because it doesn't have that stupid bomber logo plastered on it. It just looked classy. Sorry, I didn't take my camera, so I don't have any photos.

Hopefully, if I get the time soon, I can get the interviews transcribed and get a post up.


Anonymous said...

Agreed re 3rd Jersey-one very elegant design!

Anonymous said...

the jerseys can be viewed at AEROS.com or it has been the lead story over @ icethetics.info

Forecheck said...

Why have a town hall on Tuesday noon when most of your STHs can't go? Or maybe that was why it was held Thursday noon? For that matter, how did people even find out about it?

Even though they are little more independent from the Wild's sweaters (which is a good thing - heck, even our goal horn is a copy of the Wild's, which is ridiculous) the new ones aren't as good looking as the old. I say that half guessing what the home one looks like because the photo is so awful. The thirds look like an ugly knock off of the Wild's thirds with the "Minnesota" script.

Why not just bring back the old IHL sweaters? They look great!

Anonymous said...

Stupid bomber logo??Blasphemy..bet you liked the Russion mig.

John Royal said...

I liked the MIG better than that stupid cartoon bomber thing which is like way too many of the bad logos teams like the Rockets and Raptors had in the 90s.

Fred Trask said...

You suffer from an incredible lack of good taste Mr. Royal. :-)
You probably like the Cartoon Network Mil Ads logo too. Sad, but it does explain a lot. ;-)

Forecheck said...

Wait... how can you like the red clip-art Commie MiG better than a skillfully drawn AMERICAN bomber logo? Hmmmm???

Anyway, I still say red and green clash horribly and shouldn't be used as primary colors on a sweater. One as primary and the other as a small amount of trim is OK, but both home and road have too much red.

Now, if we can just get the NHL network to stop broadcasting over and over again playoff games we saw just a couple of months ago, the hockey world will be fine. You know it's bad when you find yourself watching a live CFL game over a re-run on the NHL network .

John Royal said...

That Milwaukee logo is even worse than the Aeros logo. I think those huge stupid logos ruin the look of the sweater.

Personanly, I'd prefer a return to the look of the original Aeros.

And FC, if you're watching the CFL you must really be bored.

Fred Trask said...

At least there is hope for you John. :-)

Forecheck said...

Very, very bored.....

Hurry, October!