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Friday, June 11, 2010

AHL Finals on NHL Network & other stuff

Just a heads up, the NHL Network and AHL just announced this afternoon that the network will be picking up the final 3 Calder Cup Finals games starting tonight!

The series is currently 2-2 with Texas winning their two in Hershey and then Hershey taking exception and giving it back to the Stars in Cedar Park. So, we're down to a best of 3, and it appears that Brent "Wrath of" Krahn may be making his debut after cracking his head on the post in a collision a few weeks ago.

Climie's been terrific carrying the load in nets, but they need to stop the skid tonight and take one of these home games. So shake it up, right? Why not.


Chicago won the Stanley Cup in case you've been lost in the desert and missed that.


Still no coach named for Houston yet. A while back, Mike Russo up in Minnesota threw out some names of folks who have been in the mix. Check that out here.


Former Aero Ryan Hamilton signed up with the Toronto organization for another year. He's full of truculence so I'm sure he'll do well. Congrats to him for that and for his impending nuptials this summer. 


Lots of "new" teams in the AHL next year. Count 'em:
  1. Oklahoma City Barons - Baby Oilers
  2. Charlotte Checkers - Baby Hurricanes
  3. Albany Devils - Baby Devils
Lowell lost the Devils due to abysmal attendance for years on end. Here's hoping the organization can do better in Albany.


I'm sure there's more, but I've gotta get back to work. Iron Maiden tonight. I would pretend I'm excited, but I'm not a big fan, so it's more like, "The old man better keep the beer cup in my hand full." Pfft.

John, Andrew, if you have stuff to add, feel free.

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Forecheck said...

Ugh.... 3-2 Hershey with the last two there.

Stars will need a miracle now.

No, not a Maracle, a miracle.