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Thursday, August 9, 2012

So things just got a little more interesting ...

I know many of you don't follow us on Twitter. And I'm not going to say that you should ... but if you did you'd have seen some interesting chatter on there today regarding your favorite AHL hockey team.

Team president David Burke is leaving the organization for the Colorado Rapids of Major League Soccer. He is going to work for his mentor, and it really is a nice promotion. Burke has done a lot great things while in Houston, but he had a make a tough decision ... and I would have done the same thing.

The timing stinks, though, because the team is battling it out right now, trying to get a new lease done with the Toyota Center. As of right now, the Aeros don't have a home for 2013-14. Though some have pointed it out to me, I do realize that Burke's departure has nothing to do with the team possibly relocating. There are rumors swirling in Minnesota that the team will move to North Dakota, and there is the perennial rumor of the team moving to Des Moines, where the AHL has already failed miserably.

But if the Aeros don't get a deal that makes financial sense for them down here, they absolutely should be looking for something else.

The team will start looking for Burke's replacement immediately, and that individual will have a lot on his or her plate when they take over.

The Aeros are one of the top franchises in the AHL, and Burke and his team are a good reason as to why that is. Sure, we may not always agree with every decision ... but overall, they do a great job with the resources they are afforded and attendance is always in the top 10. Or better.

My gut feeling tells me that they get something done with Toyota Center, but that is not a strong gut feeling. I think there are some serious chances out there the team plays in another city or venue next year and beyond.

As we get closer to Thanksgiving, if a deal is still not in place, that might be the time to get a little more worried. But right now, know that both sides are working on getting something done.

And if you are mad at Burke for leaving, don't be. It's a tremendous compliment to the team that the Rapids picked him after the work he's done here. Join me in wishing he and his family all the best. And let's just hope that his replacement keeps the team going in the same direction.


Forecheck said...

On the bright side, offers from Souix Falls and Des Monies will give the Wild some leverage in the negotiations.

Keep whistling past the graveyard....

Brian said...

Quick correction. The AHL didn't really fail miserably in Des Moines - we were about in the middle of the pack in AHL attendance. We did however have a shyster for an owner who really just wanted to get a franchise and eventually move it to Austin, which is what happened. The Stars and Ducks both severed their affiliations with him because he was such a crook.

I hope Des Moines will get another franchise with local ownership in the future, and as much as I love the Wild, I don't want the great fans in Houston to lose their team.

Enjoy the great collection of players that will be in Houston this season and GO AEROS!!

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

Brian - I should have been a little more clear, and I apologize for the generalization.

I meant failed in the sense that the team did not stay despite two cracks at it.

I guess it does appear that I was placing blame on Des Moines, but that certainly was not my intention.

B2 said...

Off topic, but I see Brust signed with the Abbotsford Heat.

B2 said...

Off topic, but I see Brust signed with the Abbotsford Heat.

Forecheck said...

Schedule is out Friday!

Aero Fan said...

May I ask where the Aeros could play in Houston if not the Toyota Center? I see some references to the team looking at other Houston venues, which would seem to be limited to Reliant Arena (not even sure if it has ice making capability) or theoretically Reliant Stadium I guess in a temporary rink in the circus setup with the giant curtain. There just isn't another viable place to play.

As an old-time Aeros fan, it would be a shame to lose our hockey team.