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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Aeros Lose 2-1 (SO) to Milwaukee

These posts are tiring to write, so...

The Aeros didn't win for the eighth time in nine games. This time, they lost 2-1 to the Milwaukee Admirals in the shootout -- yes, I know, shocking. The shootout loss, they're 11th of the season, ties an AHL record. And except for Brett Bulmer getting his first goal as an AHLer, there's really not much positive to say.

The AHL website says the Aeros are now in sixth place. Aeros PR is saying the Aeros are in eighth. I'm going with Aeros PR. There are three games left in the season. Will there be a post-season? Who knows? But even if they make it into the Calder Cup playoffs, do you have any confidence they'll get out of the first round?

Last year's team was special. This year's, not so much. I expound on this for tomorrow's post in the Press (stop bitching, I have to give them some decent stuff), but Jed Ortmeyer and Patrick O'Sullivan aren't around for the Aeros this season -- I'm still not understanding why Ortmeyer couldn't come back, but I'm slow -- and the Aeros just really appear to miss their presence out on the ice.

Oh well.


Anonymous said...

I've been wondering why Orts couldn't return to the Aeros, but have heard no explanation as yet. It's nice to have Prosser back and Scandella...anyone know why he didn't play tonight? It's been very clear for a long while now that those SO losses were going to come back to bite us in the butt. And I agree...if we make the playoffs, we won't be there long unless someone pulls a miracle out of a hat. Sad, very sad.

Forecheck said...

...and I'm not understanding why you don't play Scandy when you have him warm up.

I'd hate to think the Aeros miss the playoffs because of a bad no-call, but to have a team miss the playoffs due to the incompetence of AHL officiating is so... American Hickey League.

Then again if, Hackett stops the thing, it's not an issue.

Of course there were other reasons for the loss - the Aeros inability to generate offense for much of the game, hitting several posts, hitting two more posts in the shoot-out, and Hackett getting beaten glove hand twice in the shootout (good scouting?)

Some Kudos though for Sal - one heck of an effort from the captain.

Ms. Conduct said...

Scandella tweaked something. Day to day with lower body injury, per Torchetti.

artandhockey said...

Hackett seemed to have been hit in lower body region earlier, but galantly (?) elected to continue.
That may have had something to do with not being flexible or fast enough in the SO. I do agree re officiating.. blind eyes conveniently turned backs? Fans screamed them selves hoarse.

marina verdun said...

What's the AHL doing with POOR REfs Wiebe and Koharski They suck big time Delay of game, boarding, tripping, slashing missed so goal given to milwalkee b/c no penalty called yanking our guy down! Where's the justice? Instigating, roughing but NO penalties, SUCK STINK BAD NO EXCUSE for POOR Refs! AHL do something!

marina verdun said...

Marina Verdun Yes but b/c of Blatantly STUPID BLIND DUMB AHL Refs Wiebe & Koharski we lost in OT b/c we would have won in regulation due to penalty that should have been called @ center ice instead of Milwalkee goal! AHL needs to get rid of those yo yo 's. Incompetence and Stupidity are not allowed!

Anonymous said...

Sadly, the comment from the Tribune pretty much summarizes that they were consistent with their farm team as this would mirror for accuracy describing the product here also.

"After a tremendous start to this season, the Wild spiraled uncontrollably during an excruciating 52-game plunge. Largely because of injuries, the on-ice product was hideous at times, the entertainment value lacking."

I am completely understanding that we are a farm team and developmental for the Wild. It was obvious that the Wild were not going to be able to correct the path, it was not necessary to drag the Aeros success down with the Wild. The Aeros fans are still paying customers and deserve a fair competitive product. I give major Kudo's for Torchetti and his staff for managing to do as well as they did with what little talent they were allowed.

Anonymous said...

The Admirals have our number.

Forecheck the hell out of us. They know we cannot pass.

Play physical. Jam us on the boards. Our guys are not physical.

We were outplayed much worse than the score showed. Wish I knew how much time the puck spent in each zone.