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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

As the kids say ... OMFG

Well it is official.
Now we know why the Aeros made it all the way to the finals and were so stunned to lose to the Senators last year. They sold their asses to the devil to get it done. Now they have to pay the reaper.

In a season that is really happening in case you were wondering, Darcy Kuemper is the latest to succumb to the injury bug. The Aeros have subsequently pulled former Heat player Matt Keeltley out of the ECHL to assist Jimmy ... er, Joe Fallon this week in Abbotsford.

Also posted was the Aeros' clear day roster Tuesday, and there are no fewer than five players on that roster right now that won't be playing for the team anytime soon. And that doesn't count Jeff Penner and Jarod Palmer, but of whom could see playing time this week after long term injuries.

Jim Mill was not able to get any help from the rest of the league to shore up some of these question marks. I talked to him the other day about it and his honest comment was, "I'm always trying to make us better, but I am not sure what else I can do."

He's right ... you can't do anything with a roster full of glass. Everyone is broken, and all the assets are getting paid to rehab or help the Wild gong show up in St. Paul. But again folks ... that is why the Aeros exist. It has been a great development year for a lot of players, and next year (Mayan prophesies notwithstanding) looks to be a lot of fun waiting to happen.

Well, enjoy another three-loss week. I'd like to think they could split these four games, but the players have really accepted the reality of what this season has become. And for once, I don't blame them in the very least.


Ms. Conduct said...

I was worried this might be the case when I saw that Keetley was signed and Fallon wasn't released but I thought, "NAHHH... things can't get THAT bad!"

Remember that scene from A Christmas Story where they're changing the tire and Ralphie drops the hubcap full of lug nuts in the snow and says, in slo-mo, "Ohhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuudge"? That was me reading this post. LOL

Oh fudge. Except not fudge.


I agree that I don't see how Mill can make the team better. But at the very least I expect to not go 3 games at a critical point of the season with the bench 1-2 guys short. Maybe they made a conscious decision that random warm bodies aren't preferable to a short bench?

I dunno. Every year I think, "OMG the gong show can't cat worse" and every year it gets worse. Last year, the Wild stunk and fell apart with their own guys. This year they're doing it with Aeros players, too, so the ability to rise above it just doesn't seem to be there.

I feel badly for the guys, all of them. I guess at the very least, a bunch of them have gotten a nice chunk of their NHL salaries this season, somewhat unexpectedly.

Who's ready for baseball season!! #GoBlueJays!

Christine said...

Hey! The Wranglers fans are kind of missing our Goaltender Joe Fallon. He was on his way to breaking record numbers before he left. We're happy that he got called up and we wish nothing but the best!

Anonymous said...

Any clue as to Darcy's injury...short-term absence or worse? This really is a nightmare.

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

Day to day, and undisclosed at this point.

We'll find out more on Saturday.

newtex said...

Fallon and Keetley gave up 6 goals this afternoon but the Aeros get a shootout win. Surprise, surprise!

We're back in 7th place and halfway to a split for the week.

Anonymous said...

The Aeros just won the shootout in Abbotsford with Keetley in goal.

artandhockey said...

No wonder when one has a goalie warming the bench most of the time, after having played and won 51 games lastseason albeit in the minors, all the practise will not make up for lost time and opportunity. I am so sorry for the guys, of the Wild and the Aeros. I must be hell to work your butt off and just run (ahem skate?) in place. Play offs? Round 1 - Maybe.

Anonymous said...

Glad the guys got that win. I didn't see the game, but the guys must have worked their butts off. However, the goalies cannot let in six goals and expect to come out on top very often. Abbotsford will come out loaded for bear tonight and those goalies better be on top of their game just as much as the team playing in front of them. Wish Darcy could play.