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Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Game Winner (Some Blurry Photos)

That was an exciting night here at Toyota Center as the Aeros get the 3-2 OT win to even the series at 2-2. As Andrew promised below, I'll be back later with some quotes from the game star, Carson McMillan, as well as Colton Gillies and Mike Yeo.

But I thought I would share these somewhat awful photos I got of the game-winner. The first photo shows Jarod Palmer moving into position with the puck. You see the just how little space he has to work with for the pass. The second shot is just as the puck's gone in the net, though you can't really tell. The third one's really out of focus, and while I know it won't meet with the approval of Mr. Fred, or myself really, I do think you can get a nice view of the expression on Palmer's face as he's falling down. Then you get McMillan's expression as Max Noreau comes running at him. Then we have the big celebration.


Forecheck said...

Jarod's hard work behind the net really set the thing up. Glad he was rewarded and he got some mention in your post.

ICEVET said...

Almost a REPLAY of the Game 2 Peoria OT finish, with Palmer placing the puck in position for McMillan's goal...please give credit also to Max Noreau, on that play, who probably had his best game of the series (in terms of effort).

That the Aeros have NEVER lost a Calder OT game (some say an AHL record) says a lot about the quality of hockey which this franchise has provided to Houston fans over the years.

Go Aeros!!!