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Thursday, February 4, 2010

The first cut is the deepest

Well, gang, that was a pretty wild game, but I'm sure I'll forget half of it because, well, Brusty was in net and that kinda gives me amnesia about everything else that happened.

I'm just gonna go random-style hitting the high/lowlights for me. I watched the whole game from the corners, by Brusty's net (because as usual, who knows how long we've got him? Must soak it all in. And also, press row was one seat short... or possibly had one scout too many and I figured I'd "sacrifice" and let John and Andrew have the seats... haha).

But that means I didn't see any of the goals for except on replay and had a pretty distorted perspective of most of the offensive play.

I do know that Falk getting a goal was kind of a big deal, right? And in fact, I thought he had quite a good game defensively as well, as did most of the rest of the team. It seemed like most of the failed efforts were happening in the neutral zone, but the boys were great around their own net, as Brusty's near-shutout can attest.

Not to say Brusty didn't play an incredible game, particularly through such challenging circumstances as, well, a giant gash in his leg from a skate.

He got cut with about 5 minutes left in the first period, and was clearly injured. I could tell it was something around the knee, but he kept looking at the outside of his knee and normally if you do something internally to your knee, you don't need to keep making visual inspections. So I wondered if he might have gotten sliced.

Now, think about the mental focus required to play knowing your leg has a big, bleeding gash in it. Not that he had a choice, considering his back-up (no offense, Mr. Crawford) and frankly, Brusty has something to prove with every game he plays in the AHL. I think he proved it tonight.

Though I gotta tell ya, I've never quite been quite as "OMG" as when I walked out of the visitor's tunnel tonight at the start of the second to see back-up goalie Jeff Crawford skating around the net... or quite so relieved to see Brusty finally skating toward the net (amid quite a buzz in the crowd).

I was really just like, "What now?" And actually even started thinking about what other goalies I knew were in the building for the Houston Hockey Series game and whoever else might be there. Weird.

I saw Crawford outside the locker room after the game and really wanted to stop him and say, "Man, you lived so many beer league goalie dreams tonight." I think he knows it though. Just to even open the gate for an AHL team, much less get out there in front of the net for the start of a period and almost get to play? Amazing.

KC made it sound like the plan is to get a local guy to back up again when they head to Milwaukee this weekend, rather than calling up someone the team knows, like Brett Jaeger in CHL Texas. Not sure I agree with that call given the extent of Brusty's cut (30 stitches! OMG!). I know Brusty's in a situation where he really would have to probably have his leg cut off completely before he'd leave a game, but still. Having someone who COULD play a reasonably good pro game sounds better than beer league goalies.


Also, I wanna give props to Danny Irmen for being in on 3 of the prettiest goals of the season. He had another one tonight. His role in them isn't always super pretty, but he's right there with them on the pretty plays, setting up, going hard to the net. Great stuff!


It was tough to watch that Gillies hit and ensuing human damage up close tonight. Apparently Gillies was hurt on the play, too, but he'll have plenty of time to heal up while he serves whatever suspension the league hands down.

It looked like the guy he hit is going to be okay, but it's always terrifying to see a player in a motionless heap on the ice like he was. Poor EMT was eating his dinner, too. Somewhere some french fries go wasted.


Okay, I've gotten about 6 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours. I'm gonna go play dead for a few hours.


Forecheck said...

Ben Bishop : Bad Biorythms last night?

Bryce Lampman : Does he know what city he is in yet?

Matt Foy Dumb A** Penalty of the Game: Was going to give in to Rogers for hooking in the offensive zone, but Gillies took the award away for the hit from behind (after being slashed, if I remember).

Fisrt Star of the Game : Whoever stitched up Brusty.

Jeff Crawford : Kudos for not having to go to the locker room to change out his underwear after his "almost" start in the second period. Way to hang in there in the face of terror.

CatTrick said...

LOL Forecheck ... I especially love your choice of first star!!!

What an amazing game, and I only listened to it on the radio (and texted with a friend who was there). Definitely one I wish I would have seen. You know the game is something when JP Testwuide and Mitch Love mix it up, and in three blog posts, no one even mentioned it!!!

I hope all the injuries heal quickly ... seems like there were lots of valiant efforts all around last nite. Here's hoping the guys can defy the hockey demons (get that angel dust out, Ms.Conduct!) and make it 4 in a row on Friday. GO AEROS!!!

PS - Ms.Conduct, your stick figure speaks volumes ... "your" man certainly proved what he's made of (less the wasted blood)!!!

artandhockey said...

sorry Cattrick I did.. LOVE lost!

John Royal said...


I did talk to Testwuide after about the Mitch Love fight. I just didn't get the quotes down last night, and other things took focus in my mothership story.

Testwuide laughed about it when I asked, and he said that he and Love get along pretty well and that they talk often. He said it was just Mitch being Mitch -- trying to fire up his club.

Heather said...

My favorite part of the second fight was when Mitch "smoothed" his hair back before they started.

B2Bomber said...

I think Gillies was slashed and went after him for it. He looked to the ref for a call and when he saw he wasn't going to get it that's when he decieded to take the "law" into his own hands. He'll get at least a two game suspension and I wouldn't be surprised if it was four.

Brust deserves to stay with the club period. Anton's being so inconsistent why wouldn't the managemnet give him a shot?

Testwuide still takes dumb ass penalties at the most inopportune moments. He usually reserves them for the third period but he decided to get it over with early and took it in the second instead.

It was a pretty "dirty" win, but a win nonetheless.

Forecheck said...

Oh, on the goalie controversy - What controversy? I'm pretty sure know whose record indiciates they need a little daily work in the ECHL.

artandhockey said...

And here I almost suggested that "they" increase the size of the goal when bigg boys like Ben Bishop is the minder.. but he let some pucks in afterall.. so we had the 'Battle of the BBs' last night, at least at the start ;-).

ICEVET said...

Cat Trick said: "The Testwuide/Love mix-up...in three blog posts, no one even mentioned it!"

In fact, it was mentioned in the "ArtandHockey Blog" within a few hours after the final horn, as are most of the blogsite's Aeros game posts. It is worth noting that this "down-to-earth" blog casts a broad net of "tongue-in-cheek" coverage, with feature posts that go beyond normal reporting of game events in the hockey world.

From my seat in the House, Love lost both mix-ups with Testwuide and saw relatively little ice-time after the second scuffle. Ironically, Love received the final penalty of the game and watched the final 25 seconds from the sin bin.

Ms. Conduct said...

Yep, A&H has a great blog and always a little different take from us. I highly recommend adding it to your Aeros reading. She should be linked over on the right...

B2Bomber said...

Looks like we've added Ryan Nie for to nights game with the Admirals: