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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Texting Barry Brust: The Archives

T3I: Which Aero has the hardest shot? Over your career, who stands out as having a hard shot?
Brusty: I've had the fortune or misfortune, depending on whether it's a practice or a game, playing with some guys that have amazing shots.....but no question Jon Awe had the hardest....and that includes anyone in the NHL I played against as well....as far as the Aeros this year I would have to say Dane Crowley....he has a rocket, and, of course, Kurtis Foster had a cannon as well

T3I: Your latest mask paint is terrific. How did you and Todd Miska arrive at that design?
Brusty: The mask design was more the brainchild of the now departed Mark Kincher and Danny Irmen.....we originally wanted the paint job to try and make the helmet look like a fighter pilots helmet...but it wasn't really possible so basically Mr Miska went with our ideas but in a way he could paint, and I think he did a great job.
[Ed. note: You can see the mask up close and maybe catch Ms.Conduct in a fit of swooning over it right here.]

T3I: How long does it take you to break in a new glove? Any tips for speeding that along?
Brusty: Haha.....I had a goalie coach who would put 5 pucks in the pocket and then tape it shut and do it every night until he thought it was broken in.....but just using it I find is the best method

T3I: Are you a Guitar Hero?
Brusty: Haha no.... but I enjoy trying to be.... I play it but aren't nearly as good as some.... but I definitely enjoy playing the game.

T3I: Why #33? And does it bug you seeing the back-ups wear it while you're out?
Brusty: When I was a kid I loved Mario Lemieux and when I played out, I wore 66..... I also played a lot of ball and they didn't have 66 so I wore 33 because it was half of 66.... haha, I also like Jose Canseco..... a few times I've worn 27 because of Ron Hextall and that's probably my second choice.... but when I went to goal, I just wore 33 because it was my baseball number..... And having my jersey out there is no biggie.... I think they ran out of goalie jerseys so Muncy had to wear mine.... he would have had a namebar but due to the delay, the equipment guys did a heckuva job with all the equipment and all the odds and ends required for us to be successful last night.

T3I: What are your favorite "guilty pleasure" tv shows?
Brusty: Because we have a lot of downtime, I don't feel guilty for taking pleasure in some TV shows that I watch..... but I'm an HBO addict and some of the shows they put out I love like Sopranos, Big Love, Band of Brothers (if you haven't seen this, it's a must), and East Bound and Down is dumb funny which is right up my alley.... I also love House and wish he was real because I'd like to meet him.... and as far as Canadian content, there's a really sarcastic show called Corner Gas that if you've ever lived in a small town, you love and perhaps my favourite is a Canadian gem called Trailer Park Boys..... it's a cult classic and should be on HBO down here. I'm actually surprised it's not.... if you can find it, watch it.
[Ed. note: Corner Gas shows on WGN here in the US. It's on in the wee hours of the morning, so just set the DVR for it. It's great stuff.]

T3I: Who is the worst dresser on the team?
Brusty: Haha! What a wonderfully loaded question....usually being from Saskatchewan makes you an instant contender for the title.....but they might have put in a mandatory metrosexual high school course for senior year.....(but) the consensus among the boys is........justin falk

T3I: What is the best thing a hockey player can do with the off day in Peoria?
BB: Haha...well the Mark Twain hotel there has maybe the best beds in the AHL, so I'm sure there will be a few naps to be had.......no doubt there will be some video to be watched.....and its a short walk to some restaurants on the river to get a good meal in.